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Stainless Steel Hori-Hori Digging Tool

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Stainless Steel Hori-Hori Digging Tool

Our FAVORITE "go to" tool for a multitude of everyday gardening tasks; trials manager Lindsay carries and uses her Hori Hori every single day. Its polished, top quality stainless steel blade has 2 working edges: a serrated sawing edge and a cutting edge. The Hori Hori is perfect for all kinds of digging (In Japanese, Hori Hori means “dig dig”), sowing seed, planting seedlings, transplanting, every kind of weeding chore, and easy harvesting.

You’ll find the convenient inch marking on its blade invaluable for sowing seeds at just the right depth. The tool easily digs out deep tap roots and the blade’s serrated edge literally scrapes weeds right out of the soil. Better than any trowel, the Hori Hori is perfect to dig holes, cut sod and divide perennials. When harvesting, it cleanly pops out root vegetables like potatoes and beets or cuts squash and pumpkins from the vine.

$ 38.95

The Hori Hori comes in a sturdy vinyl holster, making it easy to safely carry around and have ready at hand. Imported directly from Japan, our sturdy Nisaku brand Hori Hori is the authentic tool, manufactured from top quality materials. Constructed with a full tang, it does not bend or break and will serve you well for many years.

Handle: 5.25 inches; Blade: 7.25 inches

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Stainless Steel Hori-Hori Digging Tool

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