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More Recipes From A Kitchen Garden

More Recipes From A Kitchen Garden

Each week of the growing season, gardening guru and cook Renee Shepherd takes a look at the pick of her garden's bounty, th...
Each week of the growing season, gardening guru and cook Renee Shepherd takes a look at the pick of her garden's bounty, then gets together with co-author Fran Raboff to plan recipes that make the most of each harvest. Their second cookbook, More Recipes From A Kitchen Garden, offers 300 different, completely new and delicious recipes featuring a wide range of vegetables, aromatic herbs and garden specialties.

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Whether you are in the mood for a hearty Caribbean Black Bean Soup, Roasted Potatoes with Carmelized Garlic, Fresh Tomato Tart, Cantaloupe Salsa, simple but elegant dishes like Chicken Margarita or Italian Stuffed Artichokes, or temptations like Ginger Pumpkin Bars and Lavender Shortbread, this book delivers great results you'll enjoy every time.

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Praise for: More Recipes From A Kitchen Garden 

"More Recipes from a Kitchen Garden and it's predecessor, Recipes from a Kitchen Garden, are the first cookbooks I turn to when looking for recipes. The cookbooks are organized by vegetable type, making it easy to make a meal out of whatever is fresh and abundant in the garden or at the farmer's market. There are also delicious recipes for lesser known vegetables such as kohlrabi and tomatillos. This cookbook is a must for any gardener or cook!" – Sarah Renfro 


"Renee's second book is one of the most consistently used cookbooks in our kitchen. We like the simplicity of the recipes and the focus on using fresh herbs. Many dishes in this book are now our family favorites." – Bill


"This is the second of this series that I have. I enjoyed their recipes when they were included in the Shepherd Seed Catalog, so I also enjoy them in this recipe book. Lots of good recipes, particularly as the veggies ripen in the summer." – msews

"If you have a kitchen garden, you'll love this book - it's a gold mine of great recipes for everything you grow. I especially like the way it is organized by vegetable so I can look up ideas of how to use whatever I'm harvesting that day." – Seattle Sue

"If you have a garden or shop at Farmers Markets you'll love this book! I've had my copy for years and given copies as gifts for this and the first book they put out: Recipes from a Kitchen Garden." – Parisanne20

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