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Rhubarb Roots

Sold out for the season. Preorders re-open mid-October 2021.

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Holding a basket with rhubarb

Enjoy ripe rhubarb before all your other summer crops are ready.

Perennial rhubarb plants are hardy, long-lived additions to your yard. Weeks before anything else ripens, you can enjoy the flavor of rhubarb’s crisp tart red stalks. Handsome rhubarb plants, with their dramatic, crinkled green leaves atop crimson red stalks fit into the most sophisticated flower or shrub borders, foundation plantings, or a big container.

Rhubarb in the kitchen collage: stalks, pie, crumbleCook the thick, fleshy stalks of this striking plant for the traditional and delicious pleasures of rhubarb pies, tarts and crumbles; or make sauce or stewed rhubarb. You can even make rhubarb wine or jam. You can freeze or can tasty stewed rhubarb to enjoy later in the year. Remember: rhubarb stalks are the only edible part of the plant; leaves contain poisonous oxalic acid, so be sure to snip them off and discard.

Easily grown, with virtually no pests and diseases, rhubarb is extremely cold hardy (to zone 2), and grows best where temperatures are below 40° F for several months in the winter. If properly planted and given a modest amount of attention, rhubarb plants will last a lifetime.

Each order includes 2 “ jumbo” sized budded divisions, grown for us by family-owned West Union Gardens located in western Oregon, a rhubarb nursery since 1988.

SHIPPING: Orders ship directly from our Oregon grower for spring planting in your climate zone, subject to weather conditions in transit. See shipping schedule below. Allow 7-10 days in transit.
Note: Because rhubarb needs cold winters and not-too-hot summers, we do not ship to: Alabama, southern Arizona, southern California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, southern New Mexico, South Carolina or Texas. If you live in these areas, but are confident you can successfully grow rhubarb, contact us via phone or email. We will ship upon your approval. Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail or UPS ground.
(UPS 2nd day delivery option not available for rhubarb.)
Sorry, we cannot ship rhubarb roots to Hawaii, Alaska or Canada.


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