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Peppers, Chile and Sweet

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Chile Peppers

Chile peppers range from mild to incendiary, but there is much more to their complex flavors than just heat, as you'll discover when you grow them yourself or choose from the selection at the farmer's market. While there probably isn't a country in the world that doesn't grow some sort of chiles for use as a condiment, spice or vegetable, many of us are just discovering the diversity of their flavors and shapes from mild and rich to spicy and piquant to fiery hot. A dose of chiles is a great antidote for the blues; curling up with a spicy bowl of fresh, hand-chopped salsa and chips cures most bad days! True natives of the New World, these spicy capsicums will grow nicely anywhere sweet bell peppers do well.


Sweet Peppers

Plump, crisp and colorful, juicy home grown peppers are supremely appetizing to look at and cook with, and rewarding to grow. You can choose from colorful varieties from all over the world, all sweet, full-flavored, thick-walled and crunchy. Peppers are an excellent source of vitamins A and C (they actually have more of these vitamins than orange juice).

All peppers will eventually turn from green to their mature, ripe color which, depending upon their breeding, may be red, orange, gold, cream, chocolate, or purple. Fully mature colored up peppers have more vitamins and sweetness than immature green peppers. Choose varieties for flavor, earliness and deep colors. Handsome pepper plants are gracefully ornamental, with glossy leaves and pert white flowers. They belong in every summer garden and kitchen.