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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question that isn't answered here? Please send us your question on the contact page.

Order answers during Coronavirus Emergency Please visit Seed Orders In The Coronavirus Emergency
Do you have a printed catalog? Our catalog is online only; we do not have a print catalog. We invite you to see all our varieties with full descriptions and photos, gardening articles and great garden-to- table recipes on our complete online catalog:
Can I place an order through the mail? Yes indeed! To order by mail, we offer 2 options.
#1. If you want to order online, but wish to pay by check or money order: Complete your order online and at checkout, select “check or money order” as your payment method. Note: Payments must be in US dollars. We will provide our mailing address, so you can send us a check or money order. On receipt of your payment, we will send your order promptly.
#2. To order completely by mail: Print our Mail in Order Form and send it to us with your check or money order payment. To help you make your choices off-line, you can print out and review our Seed Variety Descriptions Brochure.
When will my order ship? We ship to US and Canada only. We will fill your order within 1-2 business days of receipt and ship via USPS, which can take up to 5-7 business days (12-14 business days to Canada).
Note: Tubers, Roots and Plants ship separately, direct from their growers, separately from seed orders. Onion plants begin shipping in Jan, others Mar-May.
We ship Monday through Friday, but not on weekends. Sorry, we cannot change or cancel an order after it has been submitted. We accept all major credit cards.
What are your shipping charges? See Ordering & Shipping for shipping charges and other ordering information.
Do you do custom seed orders? We have years of experience creating beautiful custom seed packets for weddings, promotions and many kinds of special projects. We can offer a variety of different choices for your special event. See Options.
Do you have quantity discounts? We offer a 30% discount on orders with a minimum of 60 packets, or 50% discount on orders with a minimum of 200 packets, any combination of varieties. Choose your varieties and call 1-888-880-7228 to get your discount and complete the order.
Is your trial garden open to the public? Thank you for your interest in coming to see our trial garden. Unfortunately, the gardens are located in a residential area with extremely limited parking and we are not able to host visitors or give tours. However, we can heartily recommend the excellent self-guided tour you can take at the nearby University of California, Santa Cruz's Farm and Garden Project, where you can enjoy 4 acres of French intensive, raised beds of vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit trees that have been organically grown there for 50 years. We donate quite a few of our seeds to these gardens every season, so you will see a lot of our varieties as well!
What type of payment do you accept? We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, personal checks or money orders paid in US dollars.
Can I change or add to my order after it’s been submitted? Unfortunately we cannot change an order once it has been submitted. You can contact us and have your order cancelled if you would like to resubmit it with your changes.
How do I log into my past orders? You can log in here to access past orders.*
*If you created an account before 12/2016, you’ll need to create a new account here.
How do I reset the password on my account? If you need to reset your account password, you can do so by clicking here.
Do you sell organic seeds? Yes, indeed we do! We have a full lineup of USDA Certified Organic seeds, sourced from seed producers both large and small. Organics are clearly identified when you look at our catalog at:
Can I use the seeds I bought last year? Yes, if they have been stored in a cool dry place in your house. Humidity and heat are the worst enemies of preserving seed germination. (Don’t keep seeds in the garage or garden shed where extremes of temperature really will affect them!) Just sow the seeds a little thicker than you would if the seeds were fresh.
How do I find a retailer in my area? Please contact us and provide your ZIP Code and we will look up retailers in your area. If your favorite garden retailer doesn’t currently carry our seeds, we would very much appreciate a referral! Just use this Retailer Referral Form.
How can I find out what zone I am in? Does this matter if I am growing garden vegetables and annual flowers, or only if I am growing perennial flowers and herbs? Use this USDA Zone Map. It is very helpful if you are planting perennial flowers or herbs, as our perennial seed packet backs all state the USDA zone where that particular plant can survive.
Remember that all vegetables that we offer, and all our annual flowers and herbs can be planted throughout the US and Canada if you plant them in the garden at the proper time. This is because all annual flowers and herbs and most common garden vegetable are annual plants which grow and produce in one season.
Why didn’t my seeds grow? Without knowing more about your location and climate, it's difficult to assess what went wrong. Typically germination issues are related to: planting too early when outdoor temperatures are too cold or, conversely, planting, when temperatures are too hot; planting too deep; improper soil conditions or watering issues, especially with seeds started indoors.
If you would like horticultural assistance with seeds you have purchased from Renee’s Garden, we are glad to help!
Just use our contact form to tell us the specifics of which variety you bought and be sure to include: the lot # on the bottom back of the packet, and the details of when and where you sowed the seed. If relevant, include a cell phone. Our horticultural advisor is very familiar with all our varieties and has extensive experience in growing them. She will respond promptly via email.
Please know that we stand behind the quality of our seeds, and write careful and detailed growing instructions on the back of every packet based on our own growing experience which most customers find very helpful. If you write to us for horticultural assistance, we will try to figure out what went wrong for you; we will replace or refund for disappointment of any sort, but we like to try and help sort it out first.
That said, we do careful germination tests when we packet our seeds, but occasionally something can happen during shipping.
Can you give me some garden advice? Please review our Gardening Resources section to see if your question is answered in one of our articles which cover topics that have been asked by other gardeners. You will find complete, detailed planting and growing instructions on all our packets online (click on each variety and scroll down), based on our own growing experiences in our east and west trial gardens.
If you have purchased our seeds, and have a specific horticultural question, please use our Contact Form. Include the packed for date and lot # found on the bottom of packet back; and a photo if relevant. Tell us where you live and when you purchased the seeds. Our horticultural advisor will get back to you via email as soon as possible.