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Culinary Plant Trios 

Collage of various saffron pictures, growing and harvested

Grow and harvest your own saffron spice!

Saffron crocus (Crocus sativus) grows just 4-6 inches tall. Their rich, violet-purple blossoms have brilliant orange/red stigmas that are the source of the aromatic, exotic and pricey (!) culinary spice saffron. As the flowers open, it’s super easy to collect and simply air dry the stigmas from the flowers for your own fresh, first quality, intensely flavored saffron “threads” for cooking. Saffron is easily grown in the garden or containers.

Unlike other crocuses that bloom in the spring, saffron crocuses are planted late summer and will bloom in the autumn. They will flower even in cold weather and easily withstand the first light frosts. The flowers look pretty on the edge of a sunny lawn or in pots on your patio or deck.

These little perennial bulbs (hardy in USDA zones 5 to 9) go dormant in spring and summer. The bulbs multiply and get larger every year, so your bounty of saffron threads will increase each season. We provide complete growing and harvesting instructions so you can enjoy your home-grown saffron in the kitchen as well as the garden.

Recipe From Renee's Garden Cookbook: Saffron Rice With Apricots And Currants 

Shipping Information:
We ship your order of fall blooming Saffron Crocus to arrive in mid- to late-September, depending on your climate and zone. Upon receipt, plant bulbs right away and they will grow and bloom in fall over 6-8 weeks. Our complete Saffron Guide, sent with every order, provides comprehensive information on planting, growing, harvesting and using your saffron. Shipping is via USPS priority mail or UPS ground. (UPS 2nd day delivery option is not available for this product.) Sorry, we can not ship saffron bulbs to Hawaii, Alaska or Canada.

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