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Ground horseradish, full root in background
Horseradish is a widely adopted, hardy perennial plant in the brassica family that has been cultivated literally for thousands of years. Plants have tall sword-shaped green leaves but are grown for the pungent flavor punch of the freshly grated roots. Homegrown horseradish provides a deliciously flavorful fresh bite and healthy, sinus clearing medicinal properties.

We have partnered with a long-time grower to offer healthy starter roots for spring planting of the variety “Big Top,” selected for its size, vigor, wide adaptability and foliage resistance to rust and bacterial spot (common problems in horseradish). These plants will yield top-quality roots to plant for years of tasty eating. 

You’ll find it easy to grow these pungent plants for their grated roots burst of flavor in your own hot and spicy sweet sauces and condiments, not to mention zesty cocktails. Every order includes our carefully written Planting and Use Guide with step-by-step instructions for planting, growing, harvesting and preparing your own fresh, tasty horseradish.

SHIPPING: To ensure safe arrival, horseradish shipping dates are scheduled in April-May depending on your climate zone and weather conditions in transit. 

Collage of various horseradish views: growing, picked, peeled, ground


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