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About Our Friends at the American Horticultural Society (AHS)
Founded in 1922, AHS is one of the oldest member-based national gardening organizations in North America, with 20,000 avid gardening members and horticultural professionals. Its extensive educational programs, awards and publications connect people to gardening, raise awareness of earth-friendly gardening practices, introduce children to plants, and bring together horticultural leaders to address important national issues. The Society is located at the beautiful River Farm in Alexandria, VA, where its public gardens showcase good gardening techniques and practices. To learn more about AHS, visit their website at

When you purchase the specialty items below, use the code FR19A8 at checkout, 
and we will donate 20% of sales back to the American Horticultural Society.

Seeds For A Hummingbird Garden

Enjoy the iridescent beauty of hummingbirds as they drink from colorful, nectar filled flowers. Includes 3 easy-to-grow hummingbird favorites: Scarlet Runner Bean 'Magic Beanstalk,' Nasturtium 'Summer Charm,' Zinnia 'Scarlet Flame.' Includes carefully written, complete planting and growing instructions and hummingbird garden design suggestions.

These flowers offer an ideal combination of different blossoms and vegetation at varying height levels, providing your intended visitors with a choice of where to feed, rest and roost.



Seeds For A Butterfly Garden

Attract and enjoy enchanting garden butterflies, "the flowers of the air." Our large Bonus Pack contains three different inner packets of easy to grow butterfly flowers whose ample nectar will bring butterflies to the garden all summer long: Zinnia 'Persian Carpet,' Cosmos 'Purity,' Sunflower 'Crimson Queen.' Includes carefully written, complete planting and growing instructions and butterfly garden design suggestions.

By providing flower food, warmth and shelter, your butterfly garden enables you to enjoy butterflies wing patterns up close and play a role in the conservation of these precious species.



Container Herb Garden
Designed for gardeners who want an herb garden in containers or small spaces, this collection contains individual packets of Slow Bolt Cilantro, Profuma di Genova Basil, Fine Leaf Chives, Dukat Dill and Italian Parsley. The back of each packet has complete growing instructions and our "how-to" guide is also included to ensure success for anyone new to growing in containers.

These herbs are all easy to grow kitchen essentials; they also make lovely ornamental plants and have flowers that attract pollinators. The varieties in this collection are specially chosen to grow well in containers, pots or window boxes.

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