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Seeds for A Butterfly Garden

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Bonus Pack

Seeds for A Butterfly Garden

Zinnia "Persian Carpet;" Cosmos "Purity;" Sunflower "Crimson Queen"
Attract "the flowers of the air." Our 4"x 6" bonus pack contains th...
Zinnia "Persian Carpet;" Cosmos "Purity;" Sunflower "Crimson Queen"
Attract "the flowers of the air." Our 4"x 6" bonus pack contains three inner packets of easy to grow butterfly flowers whose ample nectar will bring butterflies to the garden all summer long. Includes complete planting and growing instructions and garden design information.
Seed Count: Approx. 500
$ 6.99


Plant your butterfly garden in a rectangular bed or border with tall, medium and low flowers from back to front, OR in a circle with tall flowers in the center, surrounded by the middle and then lower growing varieties. For the back of the border in dramatic rows, OR planted in a circle garden as a central spiral, tall, branching Crimson Queen sunflowers offer both a convenient meal and a windscreen for your winged visitors. At mid-level, Purity Cosmos' abundant snow-satiny white flowers with sunny centers dance and sway all summer, a magnet for air-waltzing butterflies. At front of the border OR around the outer edge of the circle, low-growing Persian Carpet zinnias offer a beautiful tapestry of warm shades and provide nectar for many species.


By providing flower food, warmth, shelter and water, a successful butterfly garden enables you to enjoy their intricate wing patterns up close and play a role in conservation in the home environment. Butterflies are attracted to blossom shapes and colors, so it's important to plant in mass blocks instead of a few isolated plants here and there. Planting these flowers behind each other produces an ideal combination of different flowers at varying heights, offering your visitors a choice of where to feed and rest. Butterflies need flower nectar for nourishment and fuel for flying. Flowers unique personal attributes of color, scent and shape lure butterflies and ensure pollination. With each sip from the heart of a blossom, tiny grains of pollen gather on the butterfly’s body and then it helps to pollinate the garden as it flutters among flowers. Sunny days in the garden are synonymous with a busy freeway of flying butterflies. The sun warms their wing muscles, enabling them to dart, soar and fly seeking nectar and pollinating your sun loving flowers. On gusty summer days, the taller cosmos and sunflowers offer comfortable protection from the wind. Offer butterflies a convenient drinking spot with a shallow bird bath or decorative stone water container.

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