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THE RENEE’S GARDEN COOKBOOK combines expert gardening advice and delicious recipes that showcase the colors and flavors of freshly picked kitchen garden produce. Whether you are a beginning or experienced gardener or shop at a farmers market, Renee’s gardening advice will help you grow each vegetable and herb to perfection.

The 300 easy-to-make recipes offer fresh ideas for enjoying the garden's bounty and are organized alphabetically by vegetable type, convenient to use for cooking ideas as you harvest from the garden or shop at the market.

These nutritious, colorful, great tasting dishes will be your “go to” favorites for both everyday meals and special occasions, illustrating Renee’s conviction that the pleasures of growing fresh ingredients are completed in preparing them well and fully enjoying the results.

Wonderful watercolors of vegetables and herbs created by our packet artist, Mimi Osborne, are showcased throughout this beautifully designed book.  

View Sample Pages:  Chard  Carrots  Salad

Companion Cookbooks

Recipes From a Kitchen Garden


There’s nothing quite like the taste of your own home grown produce, fresh from the garden, but even if your bounty comes fresh from the store or local farmers market, Renee's original collection of close to 300 delightful recipes will inspire you with great ideas for using fresh vegetables, fragrant herbs and edible flowers in everyday cooking.

Whether you want to make the most of a batch of beans or a big basket of carrots or tomatoes or you just can't face any
more zucchini, Recipes From a Kitchen Garden comes up with winners like Pia’s Italian Country Beans, Chocolate Chip Carrot Cake, Summer Squash Chowder or  Tuscan Pizza. For mouth watering ways to use fresh herbs, try Thai Chicken with Basil or Cheesy Chive Blossom Omelet. From appetizers to desserts, these are dishes to share with family and friends.  

More Recipes From a Kitchen Garden


Each week of the growing season, gardening guru and cook Renee Shepherd takes a look at the pick of her garden's bounty, then gets together with co-author Fran Raboff to plan recipes that make the most of each harvest. Their second cookbook, More Recipes From A Kitchen Garden, offers 300 different, completely new and delicious recipes featuring a wide range of vegetables, aromatic herbs and garden specialties.

Whether you are in the mood for a hearty Caribbean Black Bean Soup, Roasted Potatoes with Carmelized Garlic, Fresh Tomato Tart, Cantaloupe Salsa, simple but elegant dishes like Chicken Margarita or Italian Stuffed Artichokes, or temptations like Ginger Pumpkin Bars and Lavender Shortbread, this book delivers great results you'll enjoy every time.


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 Recipes From Our Cookbooks:

Lavender Shortbread
Baked Stuffed Fresh Tomatoes
California Stuffed Chard
Chocolate Chip Carrot Cake
 Kale Salad with Peanut and Lime Dressing
Fresh Zucchini Rellenos
Edible Flower Tea Sandwiches
Herb Jellies
Beet and Green Apple Salad


Cookbook Reviews:

from Horticulture Magazine:
". . . If one can apply such an adjective to cookbooks, they are merry - full of simplicity, health and good cheer. That is not surprising, considering the genesis of these recipes. First Shepherd gathers the best things available in her trial garden; then she confers with her cooking companion and coauthor, Fran Raboff, about the best treatment for her produce; and then the two set off on a cooking and eating orgy, with good friends who convivially make suggestions as they consume the results. That is, of course, the way good recipes are born, and lucky are those who attend one of these cooking-eating sprees."
from the New York Times: "...filled with fast, fresh food and unexpected flavor combinations...an admirable collection of healthy, unpretentious and delicious recipes."

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