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How Lindsay Grows & Ships Our Live Plant Trios

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Examples of different scented geranium varieties

Spring is when we ship our culinary herb and scented geranium plant trios. All are locally grown by trial garden manager Lindsay at her backyard home nursery.

Here is the process:

Mother scented geranium plants
In early spring, Lindsay begins taking hundreds of cuttings from her big "mother" foundation plants.

Scented geranium cuttings growing in pots

She roots them in special cutting mix, and then, after about 6 weeks, transplants them into ample 3 1/2 inch pots in good potting mix, to grow into sturdy, big, well rooted seedlings.

Grown scented geranium plants before they ship
Here's what the potted trios look like fully grown and ready to ship. 



Scented geraniums wrapped for shipping
Each pot gets a cardboard collar to hold the soil, and then is carefully rolled up in paper and fit snugly into its custom shipping box.


Truck full of boxes to be shipped
Plants arrive in fine condition, ready to pop into your garden or pot! 

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