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Nutscene Tin O' Twine

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Nutscene Tin O' Twine

Strong, All-Purpose Natural Jute Garden Twine in Handsome Colors 

This classic, sustainably sourced, 3-ply garden twine is made of natural jute fiber and is truly indispensable for a wide variety of garden tasks. Start the season by marking out lines for sowing and use it for training and attaching vining plants like tender cucumbers and fragile snap pea vines to trellises. Later, use it to support climbers like flowering sweet peas and mini pumpkins, and to keep plants heavy with fruit or flowers from toppling over. It’s also useful in the kitchen or the shop and an attractive way to tie up bunches of flowers or herbs to dry. It’s pretty enough to use for wrapping presents or even to give as a gift.  

The vintage style tin keeps your twine dry and tangle free and lets the twine spool out easily. The Nutscene brand of jute twine has been sourced, manufactured and wound in Great Britain since 1922! This workhorse product will serve you all season long.

Each 3 x 6” tin, each contain 325 feet of 3-ply jute twine. 

Available in 3 color options: natural, lilac or green.  

$ 19.95

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Nutscene Tin O' Twine

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