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All Purpose Onions

Super Star F1


(95 days from transplant)
Long and Intermediate Day


Plants are shipped directly from the grower, depending on your climate zone and transit weather conditions, beginning in January through April or early May.

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All Purpose Onions

Super Star F1

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This fine All-America winning hybrid onion is a truly a star performer well deserving of its coveted award. Superstar will grow and produce abundantly in almost anywhere in the country because it is a day neutral onion. Their strong tall foliage protects the big bulbs from sunburning and plants are resistant to pink root.

Super Star yields big harvests of big shiny white mild tasting bulbs sweet enough to eat raw in sandwiches and salads. After harvest, these beautiful, creamy white, crispy onions store very well for long-term enjoyment. If planted early in spring, individual onions can reach 1 pound or more!

5 dozen plants

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