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Premium Compost Starter With Mycorrhizae

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Premium Compost Starter With Mycorrhizae

Dr. Earth Compost Starter is an easy and effective way to significantly speed up the breakdown of raw materials in your compost pile. Infused with five different strains of beneficial soil microbes, simply sprinkle ½ - 1 cup of activator on top of your green layers to break down food and garden waste faster - it couldn't be easier to use. 

We compared Dr. Earth Compost Starter side-by-side with a bin using no activator and the result was smoother, crumblier and visibly richer “black gold” that was ready to add back to the garden and bring life to our soil. 

Ideal for all types of composting strategies: piles, bins, barrels and any other method. Sustainably made in the US, it’s pet and people safe and contains no synthetic ingredients or chicken manure. Odor-free. 


$ 19.95

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Premium Compost Starter With Mycorrhizae

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