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Long Keeping Onions

Patterson Long Keeping


(105-115 days from transplant)
For Long Day Areas


Plants are shipped directly from the grower, depending on your climate zone and transit weather conditions, beginning in January through April or early May.

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Long Keeping Onions

Patterson Long Keeping

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Patterson is the best variety for gardeners in the Northeast, and Northern parts of the Midwest who want rich, full flavored onions for extended storage. Hybrid Patterson has layered bronze wrapper skins that stay intact, protecting the dense yellow flesh. 

These uniform, globe-shaped 3 inch bulbs are pungent and full-flavored main dish onions, well-suited to a wide range of stewing, sautéing, and baking uses and a top choice for homemade onion rings and long cooking soups and stews. Excellent keepers, easy to grow and rot resistant, crispy Patterson will be your staple at a storage potential of 9 to 12 months.

5 dozen plants


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