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Elephant Garlic

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Elephant Garlic

(Allium ampeloprasum)
Not really a true garlic, Elephant garlic is more closely related to the leek family. Its common name probably came from its giant size. Each big clove can be almost the size of a whole head of regular garlic!

Elephant Garlic flavors most dishes with a softer, less intense flavor than regular garlic. Perfect for a mellow, sweet garlic taste that doesn't overpower other ingredients. Bake the big cloves and spread their succulent roasted interiors to top bruschetta or baked potatoes. Excellent for soups and stews. Medium to late maturity.

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Planting Garlic
Harvesting Garlic

1/2 lb. bag (4-6 large elephant garlic planting cloves)
Garlic is sold in 1/2 lb. bags (4-6 full heads). Varieties are individually priced. Shipping is via USPS priority mail or UPS ground. (UPS 2nd day delivery option is not available for this product.) Sorry, garlic and shallots cannot ship to Idaho, Hawaii or Canada.

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Elephant Garlic

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