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Certified Organic Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

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Certified Organic Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Nutty tasting and mild, Blue Oyster mushrooms are versatile in the kitchen. Their savory umami flavor and velvety texture seems to boost the flavors of just about any other ingredient.

These reliable producers offer several flushes of beautiful blue-gray mushrooms you can enjoy in stir-fries, pastas, roasted and sautéed vegetables, egg dishes, soups and stews. We love to chop them roughly and quickly sauté with butter, a bit of finely chopped garlic and plenty of broad leaf parsley – yum!

This well-crafted growing kit has easy to follow instructions and contains everything you need for plentiful certified organic Blue Oyster mushrooms.

$ 29.95
The “Spray and Grow” kit comes with a sawdust block colonized by mushroom mycelium. Simply open the box, slice an ‘x’ into the plastic covering and mist twice a day with the included water sprayer. Expect a first harvest within a few weeks; quicker if in higher humidity. 

Photos From Our Trial Garden

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Certified Organic Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

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