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Bird X Netting: Critical Seedling Protection

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Bird X Netting: Critical Seedling Protection

Unfortunately for home gardeners, birds of many kinds love young seedlings and baby plants. Sometimes they eat them, but they also frequently just pull them out! It’s frustrating, especially after all the work we’ve put into raising tender young plants. The best way to keep birds out is by exclusion. We use and recommend reusable Bird X protective netting.

Made in the USA, this high-quality, heavy duty 5/8-inch polypropylene mesh holds up because it has UV inhibitors, does not tear easily and holds up over time. It’s an excellent product that ensures protection for both tiny seedlings and young plants of vegetables, flowers and herbs in your garden beds.

Simply stretch the bird netting tautly over supports to hold it above the seedlings. We recommend using pliable irrigation tubing (aka poly tubing) bent into hoops over the bed so it holds the netting securely 12-15 inches above the plants. Even if birds land on it, they won’t be able to push it down and peck at your plants.

Each package contains a 7’ x 20’ length of netting.
Easy to cut to the size of your garden beds.

$ 16.95

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Bird X Netting: Critical Seedling Protection

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