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Suzanne McDonough

Suzanne brings her considerable computing skills and expertise to running our wholesale order department, managing customer concerns and keeping order fulfillment operating smoothly as well as efficiently.

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Beth Benjamin

Beth worked with Renee back in her mail order days & was her original partner in starting Renee’s Garden. Beth shares both a lifetime of gardening expertise & expert knowledge of all our varieties, responding to customer questions... ...Read More

Lindsay Del Carlo

Lindsay’s organic gardening & propagation background serve her well in managing our N. Ca. organic trial garden, growing about 325 varieties each season. She takes photos for social media, is our YouTube host, & contributes the monthly “Trial... ...Read More

Kathy Chesus

Kathy enjoys passing along her knowledge of unique flowers and vegetables to retailers. She enthusiastically assists garden center customers nationwide in selecting seeds and racks and represents us at national and regional trade shows.

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