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Mimi Osborne

Mimi is a freelance botanical illustrator & talented watercolor & mixed media artist in San Francisco. She creates the watercolor variety portraits on the front of Renee’s Garden packets from the photos we take of them in the trial garden.
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Karen Bailey

Karen is a plein-air and mixed media painter, musician and gardener. She is a signed, accomplished and skilled photographer. She takes photos of both new & existing varieties for our website & for our packet artist Mimi to paint from... ...Read More

Beth Benjamin

Beth worked with Renee back in her mail order days & was her original partner in starting Renee’s Garden. Beth shares both a lifetime of gardening expertise & expert knowledge of all our varieties, responding to customer questions... ...Read More

Lindsay Del Carlo

Lindsay’s gardening & propagation background serve her well in managing our N. Ca. organic trial garden, growing about 325 varieties each season. She takes photos for social media, is our YouTube host, & contributes the monthly “Trial Garden”... ...Read More

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