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Renee's Kitchen Garden Designs

garden design planWe've created two Kitchen Garden Design Plans designed to maximize space for a succession of tasty vegetables and herbs throughout the spring, summer and fall. Each shows you what to plant, when to plant, and what crop follows another as the seasons change.

The Long Summer, Mild Winter Garden  is for gardeners in parts of the country where summers are long and winters are mild without deep frost:
USDA zones 8-10, as well as warmer areas of zone 7.
California Trial Garden Manager, Lindsay Del Carlo, laid out this plan.

The Short Summer, Cold Winter Garden is for gardeners in parts of the country where winter
starts early and brings hard freezes: USDA zones 3-6 and colder areas of zone 7.
Vermont Trial Garden Manager, Jay Leshinsky, laid out this plan.

Each kitchen garden design plan has a Quick Order link so you can select and order seeds of my favorite varieties for your garden. 

Note: These plans do not cover areas with extremely hot and intense summers such as large parts of Texas and Arizona. Gardeners there should contact their local Master Gardeners or a good local garden center for advice on timing and crops.

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