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Renee shows you how to grow armfuls of heavenly scented sweet peas from seed, with
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and how to get the best long blooming bouquets of blossoms.


Sweet Peas, Scented, "April in Paris"
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Sweet Peas, Exhibition, "Blue Celeste"
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Sweet Peas, Bouquet, "Cheri Amour" 
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, April in Paris Exclusive - Bred to bring intense, old fashioned sweet pea scent back into the more modern, large, wavy blossoms.  Creamy pale primrose yellow with a lilac flush that deepens with age. $2.99 Sweet Peas, Blue Celeste Exclusive - The fragrant, pastel-blue blossoms of this ruffled beauty are the color of a delicate spring iris. These British-bred specialty sweet peas are also strong garden performers. $2.79 Sweet Peas, Cheri Amour

Exclusive - Carefully composed, romantic palette of pink, rose and pastel lavender in a soft bicolor blend for armfuls of stunning sweet-scented bouquets. Long-stemmed, frilled and fragrant. $2.99

Sweet Peas, Early, "Chiffon Elegance"
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Sweet Peas, Container, "Color Palette Cupid"
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Sweet Peas, Antique, "Cupani's Original"
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Early, Chiffon Elegance Exclusive-Specially bred to bloom earlier than all other varieties. A silky watercolor quartet of ruffled flowers in soft white, deep magenta-rose, shell pink and gorgeous lavender. $2.99 Sweet Peas, Container, Color Palette Cupid Exclusive - Diminutive 8-10 inch long cascading vines with sweetly scented flowers in rose pink and white, soft lavender, shell pink and deep purple. Perfect for containers or windowboxes. $2.79 Sweet Peas, Antique, Cupani's Original

An especially strong blooming strain of the first cultivated sweet pea. Perfumed, heat-tolerant and beautifully bi-colored in deep maroon purple and orchid-violet. $2.79

Sweet Peas, Container, "Electric Blue"
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Sweet Peas, Knee High, "Explorer"
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, "Garden Orchids" Perennial
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Container, Electric Blue Exclusive - Rare species sweet pea with dainty little flowers in exquisite glowing blue shine against tangly, grassy foliage. Long blooming 3-4 ft. vines are a garden accent in big pots with a short trellis. $2.79 Sweet Peas, Knee-high, Explorer Early flowering knee-high sweet peas in beguiling colors perfect for beds and borders. Grows 2 -3 ft. tall and needs no support. Fragrant bouquets. $2.79 Sweet Peas, Perennial Garden Orchids

Heirloom grown by Thomas Jefferson. Vigorous flowering vines grow 9 to 12 feet tall, bearing heavy clusters of dainty 1-1/2 inch pearly blossoms in white, blushed pink and carmine-rose. $2.99

Sweet Peas, Knee High, "Jack & Jill"
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Antique, "Jewels of Albion" 
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Designer,  "Lipstick"
  More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Knee High, Jack & Jill Blooming in dainty salmon-rose and soft mid-blue, our perfumed duet grows just 3 feet tall. These nostalgic and charming flowers bloom early offering heat tolerance and strong garden performance. $2.79 Sweet Peas, Old-fashioned, Jewels of Albion Exclusive - Our custom blend of especially fragrant, heat-tolerant heirloom varieties in cool shades of mauve and serene deep blue, lightened with cream and soft lavender.  $2.79

Sweet Peas, Designer, Lipstick

Exclusive - Long-stemmed, luscious blossoms in a vivid red shade reminiscent of the glossy lips of siren movie stars. Ruffled flowers are perfect for eye-catching bouquets. $2.99




Sweet Peas, Scented, "Mary Lou Heard"
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Exhibition, "North Shore"
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Heirloom, "Painted Lady"
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Scented, Mary Lou Heard Exclusive - Honoring Mary Lou Heard, whose passion for gardening inspired all who knew her, this beautiful, nostalgic sweet pea has glowing lilac-shaded blossoms with ambrosial perfume. $2.79 Sweet Peas, Exhibition, North Shore Exclusive - Elegant and perfumed Royal Horticultural Society winner combines fragrance and form with luminous bicolored blossoms. Ruffled stained glass petals in rich claret and violet-blue.$2.79 Sweet Peas, Heirloom, Painted Lady

The first named sweet pea cultivar, dating from 1737. Painted Lady is a beautiful rose, pastel pink and cream bicolor that is deliciously scented and heat tolerant. Begins flowering early. $2.99

Sweet Peas, Classic, "Pastel Sunset"
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Antique, "Perfume Delight"
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Antique, "Queen of Hearts"
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Classic, Pastel Sunset Exclusive - Fragrant, pastel blended soft color medley. Includes rose-pink "Sylvia More", creamy "Jilly", lavender-blue "Chatsworth" and other cultivars in peach, almond and pink. $2.99 Sweet Peas, Antique, Perfume Delight Exclusive - Heat-tolerant antique sweet pea blend of heirloom varieties, with an intense honey-orange fragrance, in a rich collage of vibrant single colors and bi-colors. $2.79 Sweet Peas, Antique, Queen of Hearts

Exclusive - Striking combination of heat-tolerant antique varieties that blossom in scented bouquets of crimson-red, burgundy, magenta-rose and cream. A regal blend. $2.79




Sweet Peas, Antique, "Queen of the Night"
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Bouquet, "Regal Robe"
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Antique, "Royal Wedding"
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Antique, Queen of the Night Exclusive - Super fragrant blend of named antique varieties in the deepest shades of a midsummer evening. Includes navy blue, mauve-blue, bicolor maroon and lilac, dark crimson and salmon pink. $2.79 Sweet Peas, Bouquet, Regal Robe Exclusive - Our blend of early-blooming cultivars in rich cream and regal deep burgundy. Elegant duo in the garden or cut bouquets for a truly arresting and sweetly perfumed display. $2.79 Sweet Peas, Antique, Royal Wedding

Softly frilled, pure white flowers bloom on long stems with lovely ruffled petals. Award winning variety from England with outstanding form, garden performance and enchanting fragrance. $2.99



Sweet Peas, Scented, "Saltwater Taffy Swirls"
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Early, "Velvet Elegance"
More Info & Photos

 Sweet Peas, "Spencer Ruffled"
  More Info & Photos  

Sweet Peas, Scented, Saltwater Taffy Swirls Exclusive - Very special long-stemmed "flake" varieties with big ruffled, fragrant flowers in soft pastel candy colors, swirled and sprinkled with deeper markings. $2.99 Sweet Peas, Early, Velvet Elegance Exclusive - Specially bred to bloom earlier than all other varieties. A showcase trio in  dark tapestry colors: rich maroon, deep violet-blue and full crimson red with long stemmed, ruffled flowers. $2.99 Exclusive - Lovely fragrant mix from the premier English breeder offers the best classic Spencers with perfectly formed, big blossoms in rich, clear colors. Chosen for outstanding quality & garden performance. $2.99


Sweet Peas, Old Fashioned, "Watermelon"
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Container, "Windowbox Heirloom Cupid"
More Info & Photos  

Sweet Peas, Fragrant, "Zinfandel"
More Info & Photos

Sweet Peas, Old Fashioned, Watermelon Exclusive -This alluring variety combines long-stemmed blossoms, graceful form, delicious subtle perfume and beautiful color in a shade between fresh cut watermelon and ripe rosy peaches. $2.79 Sweet Peas, Container, Heirloom Cupid Exclusive-Perfect for windowboxes or containers, Cupid's diminutive vines grow just 8-10 inches long with dainty bicolor pink blossoms in cascading sprays. $2.79 Sweet Peas, Fragrant, Zinfandel

Exclusive - Zinfandel's large ruffled blossoms are a rich, deep shade of claret/burgundy that will remind you of fine vintage wine. This perfumed variety begins to boom very early in the season. $2.79


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