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Rose, Miniature, "Angel Wings"
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Rudbeckia, "Cappucino" Perennial
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    Rose, Miniature, Angel Wings Dutch selection. Easily grown 1 1/2 foot tall miniature fairy roses with clusters of dainty, petite blossoms in classic rose shades of shell pink, deep rose and white. Blooms the first year. Perennial $2.99 rudbeckia, Cappuccino

First season blooming Fleuroselect winner. Beautiful contrasting bicolor shades of red and yellow, warm mahogany, rich auburn and gold. Sturdy and sun-loving; heat and drought tolerant.  $2.99




Runner Bean, "Magic Beanstalk"
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Runner Bean, "Painted Lady"
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Salpiglossis, "Stained Glass"
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Runner Bean, Magic Beanstalk Quick-growing luxuriant vines covered in highly ornamental scarlet blossoms followed by edible pods with black and purple swirled magic beans to treasure. $2.79 Runner Bean, Painted Lady Exclusive - Fast-growing English heirloom climber makes a flowering screen adorned with beautiful edible blossoms bi-colored in coral and palest pink. $2.79 Salpiglossis, Stained Glass

Exclusive - Radiant English cultivar, bred for extraordinary color and weather tolerance. Mix of chocolate, orange, gold, purple-red and blue with veined and etched bicolors. $2.99


Salvia, "Marble Arch"
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Salvia, "Coral Nymph" 
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Scabiosa, "Grandmother's Pincushion"
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Salvia, Marble Arch Exclusive - Unusual ornamental whose upper floral bracts display gorgeous flags of color in intense indigo-blue, rich rose and pure white. Improved, long-blooming Dutch selection. $2.79 salvia,Coral Nymph Clouds of nectar-rich, orchid-like blossoms in an enchanting shade of coral with tiny white stamens. Hummingbirds seek out and flock to these flowers from dawn to dusk. Long-lasting and heat tolerant. $2.99 Scabiosa, Grandmother's Pincushion

Cottage garden favorites since the colonial era. Densely  petaled, mounded pincushion flowers on long stems. Premium Dutch selection for rich deep colors and uniform height. $2.79


Snapdragon, "Chantilly"
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Stock, "Ten Week Bouquet"
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Sweet William, "Lace Mantle" Biennial
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Snapdragon, Chantilly Exclusive - Plump, open-faced, fluted flowers closely spaced along tall graceful spikes -- a lovely candelabra of bloom. Our watercolor blend of creamy yellow, soft salmon, apricot-bronze, and candy -floss pink. $3.19 Stock, Ten Week Bouquet Exclusive - Richly hued flowers with a complex spicy-sweet perfume. This is the best annual stock, heat tolerant and multi-branching in a beautiful blend of sumptuous colors. $2.79 Sweet William, Lace Mantle

Exclusive - Velvety flower trusses of eye-catching, tiny fringed blossoms in a tapestry of shades for vividly colored, romantic bouquets with enchanting sweet clove perfume. Blooms first season. Cottage garden butterfly favorite. $2.99


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