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Organic Vegetables

Item Name  
3027  H

Bean, Organic, Bush, "Provider" 

3066 Bean,  Organic, Bush, "Roc d'Or" 
3028  H

Bean, Organic, Bush, "Royalty Purple Pod" 

3029  H

Bean, Organic, Pole, "Blue Lake" 

3072 Bean, Pole, Organic, Emerite Filet
3071 H Bean, Pole, Filet, Organic, French Gold
3069 H Bean, Pole, Organic, Mama's Cannellini
3073 H Bean, Pole, Organic, Rich Purple Pod


Beets, Organic, Dutch, "Red Baron" 


3030  H

Beets, Organic,"Striped Chioggia" 


3031  H

Broccoli Raab, Organic, "Early Rapini" 



Carrot,  Organic, Snacking "Rotild" 



Carrot,  Organic, Nantes "Starica" 


3032  H

Chard, Organic, "Garden Rainbow" 



Corn, Organic, Bicolor, "Luscious" 


3035  H

Cucumber, Organic, Chinese, "Suyo Long" 


3034  H

Cucumber, Organic, Slicing, "Straight Eight" 


3036  H

Eggplant, Organic,  "Asian Mix" 


3017  H

Fennel, Organic, Bulbing, "Romanesco" 


3053  H

Greens, Organic, Mustard, "Cut & Come Again" 


3054  H

Greens, Organic, "Quick Stirfry Blend" 


3055  H

Kale, Organic, Russian, "Wild Garden Frills" 



Leek, Organic, German, "Striesen" 

3068 H Lettuce,  "Flashy Troutback" 

3058  H

Lettuce, Organic, Mesclun, "Five Variety Blend" 


3037  H

Lettuce, Organic, Container, "Jade Gem" 


3038  H

Lettuce, Organic, Romaine, "Jericho" 


3019  H

Lettuce, Organic, Butter, "Kagraner Sommer" 



Lettuce, Organic, Bibb, "Patty's Choice" 



Lettuce, Organic, French Red Leaf, "Redina" 


3020  H

Melon, Organic, Tuscan, "Melone Retato Degli" 



Onion, Organic, Scallions, "Sprint" 

 3040  Peas, Organic, Snap, "Sugar Daddy" 


Peas, Organic, Snow, "Oregon Sugar Pod II" 


3042  H

Peppers, Organic, Chile, "Classic Jalapeno" 


3059  H

Peppers, Organic, Italian Sweet, "Sunset Mix" 



Peppers, Organic, Bell, "Orange & Red Mix" 


3045  H

Radish, Organic, "Pink Beauty" 



Radish, Organic, "Red Planet" 


Vegetables con't.


Pumpkin, Organic, Carving & Pie, "Spookie" 


3043  H

Pumpkin, Organic, "Rouge Vif d'Etampes" 



Spinach, Organic, Baby, "Regiment" 


3047  H

Squash, Organic, "Yellow Scallop" 


3022  H

Squash, Organic, Zucchini, "Ortolana di Faenza" 


3049  H

Squash, Organic, Zucchini, Round French



Squash, Organic,  Baby, Honey Nut


Squash, Organic, Sweet Winter, "Delicata" 


3023  H

Tomato, Organic, Bicolor, "Marvel Stripe" 


3064 H

Tomato, Organic, Cherry, "Black Cherry"


3060  H

Tomato, Organic, "Black Krim" 


3006  H

Tomato, Organic, "Red Brandywine" 


3062  H

Tomato, Organic, Cherry, "Chadwick's Cherries" 


3024  H

Tomato, Organic, Cherry, "Little Red Pear" 


3063  H

Tomato, Organic, Early/Container, "Stupice" 


3061  H

Tomato, Organic, Golden-Orange, "Tangerine" 


3052  H

Watermelon, Organic, Icebox, "Doll Babies" 


3051  H

Watermelon, Organic, "Moon & Stars" 

Organic Edible Flowers

77  H

Sunflower, Organic, Snack Seed, "Mammoth


 Organic Herbs




Arugula, Organic, "Italian"


3016  H

Arugula, Organic, "Rustic Style"


3008  H

Basil, Organic, "Italian Genovese"


3026  H

Basil, Organic, Container, "Spicy Globe"


3067 H

Basil,  "Purple Opal"



Cat Grass Mix, Organic, "Kitty Queen's"


3033  H

Chives, Organic, "Culinary"


3011  H

Cilantro, Organic, 


3012  H

Dill, Organic, "Leafy Diana"


3021  H

Parsley, Organic, "Italian Large Leaf"  


3039  H

Parsley, Organic, "Triple Curled" 


3014  H

Oregano, Organic, "White Blossom Greek" 


3046  H

Sage, Organic, "Culinary" 



Thyme, Organic, English 


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