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Deer Resistant Flowers and Herbs

No plant is entirely deer-proof, however those with pungent scent, fuzzy or woody leaves and/or bad taste are less attractive to deer than others. These are varieties we have found to be unattractive to deer, but as they do tend to have regional tastes,  it's always a good idea to consult your local cooperative extension office, garden center or other gardeners in your neighborhood for local deer taste preferences.

If you garden in an area where deer are frequent uninvited visitors, a good fence barrier is invaluable and it's really the only thing that works to protect our garden plantings and fruit trees.  We have 2 different deer proof fencing solutions using galvanized wire in addition to wood boards. Both are unobtrusive to the eye, practically invisible from a distance and effective in eliminating deer browsing. Read the article on deer proof fence

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Herbs for all the Senses


Borage, Blue

Catmint, Landscape Ornamental

Chives, "Fine Leaf"

Chives, Garlic

Dill, "Dukat"

Lavender, container, "White Ice"

Lavender, container, " French Perfume"

Lavender, "Hidcote" 

Lavender, English, "Munstead"

Lavender, Spanish

Marjoram, Sweet

Oregano, "True Greek"

Oregano, "Italian Heirloom"

Rosemary, French

Sage, Italian, "Aromatic"

Thyme, Creeping

Thyme, French Culinary

Thyme, English, Organic

Lavender,  Multifida "Fernleaf"


Cottage Garden Flowers


Alyssum, "Summer Peaches"

Alyssum, "Summer Romance "

Alyssum, "Gulf Winds"

Amaranth, "Cinco de Mayo"

Calendula, "Flashback"

Carnation, "Enfant de Nice"

Cerinthe Pride of Gibraltar

Cleome "Color Fountains"

Columbine, "Mrs. Scott Elliot"

Cosmos, "Double Click"

Cosmos, "Dancing Petticoats"

Cosmos, "Rose Bon Bon

Cosmos, "Little Ladybirds

Cosmos, "Sonata Mix"

Cosmos, "Snow Sonata"

Cosmos, "White Seashells"

Echinacea, "Starlight"

Feverfew, "White Wonder"

Forget-Me-Nots,"Azure Bluebirds"

Four O'Clocks, "Broken Colors"

Four O'Clocks, "Teatime"

Foxglove, "Apricot Faerie Queen"

Globe Amaranth, "Mardi Gras"

Grass, Container "Spiky Blue"

Heliotrope, "Marine"

Love Lies Bleeding, Amaranth

Marigold, "Summer Splash"

Marigold, "Signet Starfire"

Monarda, "Bergamo Bouquet"

Morning Glory, "Blue Ensign"

Morning Glory, "Dawn Star"

Morning Glory, "Early Call"

Morning Glory, "Glacier Star"

Morning Glory, "Mailbox Mix"

Morning Glory, "Grandpa Ott's"

Morning Glory, "Scarlett O'Hara"


Nasturtium, "Cherries Jubilee"

Nasturtium, "Amazon Jewel"

Nasturtium, "Buttercream"

Nasturtium, Climbing "Moonlight"

Nasturtium, Climbing "Spitfire"

Nasturtium, "Copper Sunset"

Nasturtium, "Alaska Mix"

Nasturtium, "Empress of India"

Nasturtium, "Creamsicle"

Nasturtium, "Cup of Sun"

Nasturtium, "Vanilla Berry"

Nasturtium, "Whirlybird"

Nicotiana, "Jasmine Alata"

Nigella, White "Bride's Veil"

Nigella, "Mulberry Rose"

Nigella, "Persian Violet"

Poppy California, "Tequila Sunrise"

Poppy California, "Copper Pot"

Poppy California "Tropical Sunset"

Poppy California, "Buttercream"

Poppy California, "Dusky Rose"

Poppy California, "Native Orange"

Rudbeckia, "Cappuccino"

Scabiosa, "Grandmother's Pincushion"

Zinnia, "Bling Bling"

Zinnia, cactus  "Raggedy Anne"

Zinnia,  "Apricot Blush"

Zinnia, "Blue Point"

Zinnia, "Cha Cha Cha"

Zinnia, "Berry Basket"

Zinnia, "Decor"

Zinnia, "Polar Bear"

Zinnia, "Little Lion"

Zinnia, container "Pixie Sunshine"

Zinnia, "Cool Crayon Colors"

Zinnia, "Hot Crayon Colors"

Zinnia, "Cut and Come Again"

Zinnia, "Green Envy"

Zinnia, "Granny's Bouquet"

Zinnia, "Persian Carpet"

Zinnia, "Raspberry Sorbet"

Zinnia, "Girl Scout Anniversary"

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