Renee's Equivalents

Renee's Garden Equivalents to Shepherd's Garden Seeds Varieties

Since I chose all the varieties for the old Shepherd Garden Seeds, I have put together this comparison list so my former customers from Shepherds can find favorites from the old catalog , or enjoy similar varieties with improved traits I've chosen, grown out and evaluated for Renee's Garden.
-- Renee Shepherd,  founder: Shepherd Garden Seeds and Renee's Garden Seeds

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 Shepherd's Seeds Varieties Renee's Garden Seeds Equivalents
Alyssum Easter Basket

 Alyssum, "Gulf Winds"

Bean Red Knight Runner

Runner Bean, "Magic Beanstalk"

Bells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland,  Apple Green

Cardinal Climber

Cardinal Climber Vine

Cleome Spider Flower

Cleome "Color Fountains"

Coneflower Starlight Purple

Echinacea, "Starlight"

Cornflower Blue Boy

Cornflower, "Blue Boy"

Cosmos Dwarf Fairy Mix

Cosmos, "Sonata Mix"

Cosmos Ladybird Klondyke

Cosmos, "Little Ladybirds

Cosmos Psyche

in Cosmos, "Dancing Petticoats"

Cosmos Seashells

Cosmos, "White Seashells"

Cosmos Versailles Mix

in Cosmos, "Dancing Petticoats"

Cosmos White Sonata

Cosmos, "Snow Sonata"

Feverfew White Wonder

Feverfew, "White Wonder"

Four O Clocks Marvel Peru

Four O'Clocks, "Teatime"

Globe Amaranth Aurea Apricot

in Globe Amaranth, "Mardi Gras"

Heliotrope Marine

Heliotrope, "Marine"

Hollyhock Old Fashioned Mix

Hollyhock, "Indian Spring"

Hyacinth Bean Vine

Hyacinth Bean Vine, Purple

Larkspur Giant Imperial

Larkspur, Imperial, "Alouette"

Love Lies Bleeding

Love Lies Bleeding, Amaranth

Marigold Lemon Gem Signet

in Marigold, "Signet Starfire"

Mexican Sunflower Torch

Tithonia, "Torch"


Moonflower Vine

Morning Glory Blue & White Mailbox

Morning Glory, "Mailbox Mix"

Morning Glory Early Call

Morning Glory, "Early Call"

Morning Glory Grandpa Ott

Morning Glory, "Grandpa Ott's"

Nasturtium  Alaska Variegated

Nasturtium, "Alaska Mix"

Nasturtium Creamsicle Nasturtium, "Buttercream"
Nasturtium Creamsicle

Nasturtium, "Creamsicle"

Nasturtium  Empress of India

Nasturtium, "Empress of India"

Nasturtium Moonlight

Nasturtium, Climbing "Moonlight"

Nasturtium  Peach Melba

Nasturtium, "Vanilla Berry"

Nasturtium Whirlybird Mix

Nasturtium, "Whirlybird"

Nicotiana Sweet Scented

Nicotiana, "Jasmine Alata"

Poppies California Purple Gleam

Poppy California, "Tequila Sunrise"

Poppies  California White Linen

in Poppy California, "Tequila Sunrise"

Poppies Shirley

Poppy, Single & Double "Shirley"

Poppies Legion of Honor

Poppy, "Legion of Honor"  

Salpiglossis Royale Mix

Salpiglossis, "Stained Glass"

Spanish Flag Exotic Love

Mina Lobata, "Exotic Love Vine"

Stock Trysomic

Stock, "Ten Week Bouquet"

Sunflower Giant Russian Mammoth

Sunflower, Giant Edible "Sunzilla" or Sunflower, Heirloom "Titan"

Sunflower Inca Jewels

Sunflower, "Sun Samba"

Sunflower, Italian White

Sunflower, "Moonshadow"

Sunflower Kong

Sunflower, Giant Edible "Sunzilla"

Sunflower Music Box

Sunflower, Short "Musicbox"

Sunflower Prado Red

Sunflower, "Cinnamon Sun"

Sunflower Valentine

Sunflower, "Valentine"

Sweet Pea Cupani

Sweet Pea, "Cupani's Original"  

Sweet Pea Early Mammoth

Sweet Pea, "Velvet Elegance"

Sweet Pea Explorer

Sweet Pea, "Explorer"

Sweet Pea Old Spice

Sweet Pea, "Perfume Delight"

Sweet Pea Winter Elegance

Sweet Pea, "Velvet Elegance"

Sweet William Electron

Sweet William, "Lace Mantle"

Thunbergia Alba (White)

Thunbergia, "Black-eyed Susan Vine" (Orange)

White Lace Flower

Bishop's Lace, White

Zinnia Benary's Giant Mix

Zinnia, "Blue Point"

Zinnia Cactus Flower

Zinnia, cactus  "Raggedy Anne"

Zinnia Envy

Zinnia, "Green Envy"

Zinnia Persian Carpet

Zinnia, "Persian Carpet"  

Zinnia Summer Pinafore

Zinnia, "Cut and Come Again"

Zinnia Yoga

Zinnia, "Blue Point"


Arugula Italian Wild Rustic

Arugula, Rustic

Arugula  Rocket Salad

Arugula, Italian

Basil Fino Verde Compatto

Basil, Mini, "Windowbox"

Basil Genova Profumatissima Perfume

Basil, "Italian Pesto" / Basil "Profuma di Genova"

Basil Greek Mini Windowbox

Basil, Mini, "Windowbox"

Basil  Lettuce Leaf

Basil, "Salad Leaf"

Basil  Maenglak Thai Lemon

Basil, "Mrs. Burns' Lemon"

Basil  Red Rubin Purple Leaf

in Basil, "Scented Trio"

Basil  Scented Cinnamon

in Basil, "Scented Trio"

Basil  Shepherd Broadleaf Sweet

Basil, "Sweet Green"

Basil  Siam Queen True Thai

Basil, Thai, "Queenette"


Borage, Blue

Calendula Officinalis

Calendula, "Flashback"

Catmint Nepeta x Fassenii

Catmint, Landscape Ornamental


we have Catmint, Landscape Ornamental - more attractive

Chamomile Bodegold

Chamomile, "Bodegold"


Chervil, "Fancy French"


Chives, "Fine Leaf"

Chives Fine

Chives, "Fine Leaf"


Cilantro, "Slow-bolt"

Cress "Watercress"

Watercress, English

Dill Dukat

 Dill, "Dukat"

Fennel Bronze

Fennel, "Smokey Bronze"

Marjoram Sweet

Marjoram, Sweet

Oregano True Greek

Oregano, "True Greek"

Parsley Gigante D'Italia

Parsley, Italian, "Gigante"

Parsley Single Leaf Italian

Parsley, Italian, "Gigante"

Parsley Anja

Parsley, "Sweet Curly"

Poppy, Pepperbox

Poppy, "Heirloom Pepperbox"

Sage Culinary

Sage, Italian, "Aromatic"

Thyme Creeping

Thyme, Creeping  

Thyme French

Thyme, French


Bean 3 Colored Bean Mix

Bean, Bush, "Tricolor Bush"

Bean Blue Lake Pole

in Bean, Pole, "Tricolor Pole"

Bean Emerite Haricots Verts Pole

Bean, Pole,  "Emerite"

Bean  Meralda Pole

Bean, Pole, Spanish, "Musica"

Bean Roc D'Or/Yellow Bush

Bean, Bush, "Classic Slenderette"

Bean Slankette/Slenderette

in Bean, Bush, "Tricolor Bush"

 Bean, Roma

Bean,  Bush, "Improved Roma"

Bean, Pole, Royal Burgundy purple pod in Bean, Pole, "Rattlesnake & Purple"
Bean Vernandon/Haricots Verts

Bean, Bush, French "Rolande"

Beet Chioggia Striped

in Beets, "Jewel-Toned  Blend"

Beet Golden

in Bean, Pole,  "French Gold"

Beet  Kleine Bol/Little Ball/Baby

Beets, "Baby Ball"

Beet Sangria

in Beets, "Jewel-Toned  Blend"

Broccoli Raab Cima di Rapa

Broccoli Raab, "Super Rapini"

Broccoli Superblend Mix

Broccoli, "All Season Blend"

Cabbage, Grenadier Cabbage, Pixie
Carrots Hybrid Bolero Nantes

Carrot, French, Nantes, "Bolero"

Carrots Mignon

Carrot, French, "Baby Babette"

Carrots Nevis

Carrot, French, Nantes, "Bolero"

Carrots Parmex

Carrot, "Round Romeo"

Carrots Partima

Carrot, "Round Romeo"

Chard Argentata/Italian

Chard, "Italian Silver Rib"

Chard  Bright Lights

Chard, "Bright Lights"

Chicory Radicchio Rossana

in Greens, "Crispy Winter Salad"

Chile Pepper Anaheim

in Peppers, Chile, "Southwestern Trio"

Chile Pepper Early Jalapeno

in Peppers, Chile, "Southwestern Trio"

Chile Pepper Firenza Jalapeno

in Peppers, Chile, "Southwestern Trio"

Chile Pepper Nnmex Joe E Parker

in Peppers, Chile, "Southwestern Trio"

Chile Pepper Poblano/Ancho San Luis

in Peppers, Chile, "Southwestern Trio"

Chile Pepper Red Savina Habanero

Peppers, Habanero, "Red Savina"

Chile Pepper Thai Dragon

in Peppers, "Thai Chile Duo"

Choi Mei Qing

Pak Choi, Baby, "Green Fortune"

Corn Peaches & Cream

Corn, Bicolor, "Bon Jour"

Cucumber Sweet Armenian

Cucumber, "Heirloom Armenian"

Cucumber Holland

Cucumber, "Chelsea Prize"

Cucumber Lemon

Cucumber, "Heirloom Lemon"

Cucumber Kidma

Cucumber, "Garden Oasis"

Cucumber Tamra

Cucumber, "Garden Oasis"

Cucumber Burpless Bush Slicer

Cucumber, "Bush Slicer"

Cucumber Saladin

Cucumber, Pickling, "Endeavor"

Eggplant Bambino

Eggplant, "Little Prince"

Eggplant Diva

try "Nadia" in Eggplant, "Italian Trio"

Eggplant Fond Long

try "Farmer's Long" in Eggplant, "Asian Trio"

Eggplant Little Fingers

in Eggplant, "Asian Trio"

Eggplant Rosa Bianca

in Eggplant, "Italian Trio"

Endive Tres Fine Frisee

 Greens, "Frisee Glory"

Finocchio Bulbing Fennel Zefa Fino

Fennel, Bulbing, "Trieste"

Kale Lacinato

Kale, "Lacinato"

Kale Russian Red

in Greens, "Renee's Stirfry Mix"

Kohlrabi, Waldemar in Kohlrabi, "Crispy Colors Duo"
Kohlrabi, Purple in Kohlrabi, "Crispy Colors Duo"
Leek Otina/Spring Season

Leek, "Baby Primor"

Lettuce Blushed Butter Cos

in Lettuce, "Heirloom Cutting Mix"

Lettuce Canasta Crisphead

"Rossia" in Lettuce, "Blush Batavians"

Lettuce Freckles Romaine

in Lettuce, "Heirloom Cutting Mix"

Lettuce Little Gem Mini Romaine

in Lettuce, "Heirloom Cutting Mix"

Lettuce Misticanza Italian Salad Mix

Lettuce, "Italian Misticanza"

Lettuce Napa Valley Mix

Lettuce, "Cut Again Mesclun"

Lettuce Red Oakleaf

in Lettuce, "Heirloom Cutting Mix"

Lettuce Romance/Romaine

Lettuce, Romaine, "Caesar Duo"

Lettuce Rouge D'Hiver Romaine

in Lettuce, "Heirloom Cutting Mix"

Lettuce Speckles Amish

in Lettuce, "Heirloom Cutting Mix"

Melon Perfume Galia

in Melons, "Three Flavor Mix"

Melon Solid Gold Cantelope

in Melons, "Three Flavor Mix"

Oriental Salad and Stir Fry Mix

Greens, "Renee's Stirfry Mix"

Peas Norli/Snow Pea Mix

Peas, Snow, "Oregon Giant"

Peas Super Sugar Snap

Peas, Snap, "Super Sugar Snaps"

Peas Super Sugar Mel

Peas, Snap, "Super Sugar Snaps"

Pepper Corni di Toro

Peppers, "Corno di Toro Mix"  

Pumpkin The Great Pumpkin

Pumpkin, Giant, "Wyatt's Wonder"

Pumpkin Munchkin Mini

in Pumpkins, "Holiday Mix"

Pumpkin Rouge D'Etampes Cinderella

Pumpkins, "Cinderella's Carriage"

Pumpkin Spooktacular

in Pumpkins, "Holiday Mix" mix

Radish Cabernet Radish, "Crimson Crunch"
Radish Easter Egg II

Radishes, "Easter Egg II Mix"

Radish Flamivil

in Radish, Breakfast,"Petit Dejeuner"

Salad greens, Piquant Salad Mix

Greens, "California Spicy Salad"

Spinach Italian Summer

Spinach, "Summer Perfection"

Spinach Wolter Dutch

Spinach, Baby Leaf, "Catalina"  

Squash, Winter, Early Butternut

In Squash, "Delicata & Butternut"

Squash Sunburst Patty Pan

in Squash, Zucchini, "Tricolor Mix"

Squash, Zucchini, Clairmore

in Squash, Zucchini, "Tricolor Mix"

Squash Crookneck Supersett

 Squash, Crookneck, "Supersett"

Squash Zucchini Ronde De Nice

Squash, Zucchini ,"Ronde de Nice"

Squash Zucchini Raven

Squash, Zucchini, "Raven"

Squash  Zucchini  Zucchetta Rampicant

Squash, Climbing, "Trombetta"

Sweet Pepper Ariane

in Peppers, "Jewel Tone Sweet Bells"

Sweet Pepper Cadice

in Peppers, "Jewel Tone Sweet Bells"

Sweet Pepper Early Sunsation

in Peppers, "Jewel Tone Sweet Bells"

Tomatillo Toma Verde Strain

Tomatillos, "Fiesta Duo"

Tomatoes Carmello

Tomato, "Crimson Carmello"

Tomatoes Cherry Camp Joy

Tomato, Cherry, "Camp Joy"

Tomatoes Cherry Sungold

Tomato, Cherry, "Sungold"

Tomatoes Cherry Sweet 100 Plus

in Tomato, Cherry, "Garden Candy"

Tomatoes Cherry Yellow Pear

in Tomato, "Red & Yellow Mini Pear"

Tomatoes Dona

no longer produced; try Tomato, "Crimson Carmello"

Tomatoes Container Super Bush

Tomato, "Super Bush" o

Tomatoes Old Flame

Marvel Stripe in Tomatoes, Heirloom, "Rainbow's End"

Tomatoes Pink Brandywine

in Tomatoes, Heirloom, "Rainbow's End"

Tomatoes Pink Odoriko

Tomato, "Chianti Rose"

Tomatoes San Remo

Tomato, Plum, "Italian Pompeii"

Watermelon Tiger Baby

in Watermelon, "Rainbow Sherbet"

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