Enjoy a Rainbow of Vegetables in Your Garden

Enjoy a beautiful summer garden featuring delicious vegetables in a rainbow of colors and crispy, fresh-from-the-garden salads in a gorgeous range of colors, textures and shapes. Our Collection includes five unique Rainbow Vegetable packets, each containing several different colored varieties of the same vegetable. Youíll have crunchy purple, green and yellow bush beans, golden-yellow, pastel and jade green zucchini, vines with sweet sunny yellow, rich orange or bright red cherry tomatoes, both green and red skinned salad scallions and crispy lettuces in a range of pretty reds and greens.

Rainbow Vegetables are Healthy and Delicious
Planting these richly colored vegetables gives you a beautiful garden whose harvests will add savor and excitement to everyday meals. Plus, the more different colored vegetables you eat, the more nutritious, cancer fighting and skin beautifying antioxidants youíll be incorporating into your diet. Itís easy to gain all the benefits when you grow these tasty and easy to grow varieties which have been carefully chosen from all over the world.

We Make it Easy to Grow Your Rainbow Vegetables
Seeds for each different colored variety are packed together in one packet: in the cherry tomato and zucchini packets, the seeds for each variety are tinted with edible food dye so you can choose how many of each one to plant. The packets of multicolored beans, scallions and lettuce seeds are each blended in an equal color mix. Youíll find our packet backs offer clear and complete growing instructions for each variety, ensuring success for anyone new to growing a vegetable garden, as well as harvest tips and cooking ideas.


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