Easy to Grow Container Vegetable Garden
Enjoy a beautiful container garden featuring fast growing, great tasting vegetables in a wonderful range of colors. Our Collection includes five individual seed packets of varieties developed especially for growing in pots for a delicious and ornamental kitchen garden whose fresh healthy harvests will add savor and excitement to everyday meals. You will find our packet backs offer clear and complete growing instructions for each variety, ensuring success for anyone new to growing from seed, as well as harvest tips and cooking ideas. Also included is our “how-to” guide for container gardening covering the basic gardening information needed for rewarding and bountiful harvests.

Super Bush
Container Tomatoes
Perfect for pots, these full-sized tomatoes grow on dwarf 2-1/2 to 3 foot tall plants. The luscious round red fruits are full of juicy-sweet, rich tomato flavor.

Romeo Round
Container Carrots
Petite ball-shaped carrots with smooth skins that need no peeling. Bred in France for great flavor and crunchy texture.

Pot of Gold Chard
Reliable and highly ornamental, these vigorous vase-shaped plants have crunchy golden stems contrasting with rich green leaves. Produces abundant harvests to enjoy all season long.

Cameo Container Basil
From our best Italian breeder.
Easy growing and aromatic,
“Cameo” has closely packed,
fragrant big leaves on compact plants that grow about 8 inches tall. Perfect for fresh pesto and seasoning summer dishes.

Garden Babies
Container Lettuce
Delicious and weather tolerant, these cute baby lettuces form compact 6 inch heads with soft folded leaves, a lovely buttery texture and absolutely outstanding sweet taste.


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