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Display Systems

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NEW: The All-In-One Display
Get Great Margins in a Compact Space


High Functioning Modern Rack
Displays packets and high-profit seed
specialties on one space-saving rack.

Takes no more floor space than
packets alone.

Holds 60 seed packet varieties PLUS:

12 popular Scatter Garden Canisters
30 Bonus and Collection Packets
6 Kitchen Garden Cookbooks

Unique Page Turner Display
 More Products in Less Space Than Any Other Packet Line

Our Exclusive:
Innovative, one-of-a-kind design showcases our entire product range. With its beautifully detailed watercolor backdrop, the Page Turner fits handily into a standard 4' footprint, with swiveling, 2' deep, double-faced arms that make shopping easy for your customers.

Have It All! A wide range of our packets including Certified Organic, Container Collections, Bonus Packs, Scatter Garden Canisters and Kitchen Garden Cookbooks.

page turner display

Sleek and Sturdy Green Panel Display
Contemporary Wire Rack With A Clean Modern Header

Freestanding, lightweight, permanent display that will last for years

Powder-coated in a rich British Racing Green, this rack showcases our seed packets with a trendy look.

Easy to stock, with 13 rows, including room for our popular oversized Bonus Packs, all in a compact 4" footprint.

Holds up to 169 different varieties.

Also Available for Cornucopia Seeds

 Garden Trellis Displays 
Our Elegant Signature Design


Showcase Your Seed Packets In Style
Heavy gauge metal, powder-coated in the rich blue-green of weathered copper. Finely detailed leaf and vine motif adds charm and upscale distinction to any retail setting.

Garden Trellises Are Modular
Match your merchandising: available single (60 pockets) or double -sided, as a double flat panel (120 pockets) or three-sided rotator (180 pockets).

More Options
Include our high profit Bonus Packs, Collections and Kitchen Garden Cookbooks to add sales without adding space.

Garden Trellis: Single or Double Sided

3-Sided Trellis Spinner

Garden Gate Corrugated Displays
Freestanding, In-Line Options
to Fit Your Merchandising Plan

Attractive displays with eye-catching hold up to 60 varieties each and include reorder cards that make restocking easy. Order individually or in multiples for linear displays or back-to-back as an island. Can also be wall mounted.

Choose our pre-packed Best Seller Assortments,  Custom Assortments created just for YOUR climate and customers or select your own varieties.

Each Garden Gate Corrugated Display Holds 60 Varieties

Free Bonus Pack Standing Display

Sturdy Corrugated Display in our trademark colors has 12 facings to showcase our Bonus Packs.

Optional wall mounting
Single or double sided.

A Harvest Sales With Our Kitchen Garden Cookbooks
Our  Cookbooks Help Sell Your Seeds

cookbook countertop displayTake full sales advantage of Renee Shepherd's cooking and gardening expertise with our  two Kitchen Garden Cooks.  Each cookbook is a separate original collection of great recipes arranged by vegetable type. These perennially popular books are now in their 6th edition. 

FREE corrugated countertop display comes fully stocked - no assembly needed

single display with cookbookscookbook rack

Add-on Trellis cookbook rack slots onto the side of any of our Trellis displays and holds 12 cookbooks.

FREE with minimum order of 12 cookbooks.

Countertop and Register Displays

Countertop 3-in-1 Bonus Pack Display

countertop bonuspack displayConvenient corrugated display with logo header has six pockets for Bonus Packs.

Grab and Go Register Displays

countertop collections displayCompact size: 6"x10"x4"
 pre-packed with our Easy to Grow Collections.

Countertop Displays

Offer special promotions and seasonal features with this 12 pocket  display. Filled with Renee's Best Sellers, or create your own.

Pounce on Profits:
Cat Grass Displays

Pre-packed Countertops

Cornucopia Seeds: CLICK HERE To Order

Green Wire Panel Display

Sturdy green wire rack with a clean trendy look. Has 167 pockets and holds a complete range of vegetables, herbs, flowers and Bonus Packs. 

 7'6" tall, 48" wide and 23" deep at the base.

Triangle Spinner Rack

Space-saving metal display with corrugated trays and full color headers. Holds our full line of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

180 pockets, 6'5" tall, 24" wide and 24"deep.

Single Panel Corrugated

Bestselling assortments come pre-packed with full color headers and sturdy bases.  compact and easy to move.

60 pockets, 64" tall, 22" wide and 18"deep at the base.