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Organic Seed Potatoes

Huckleberry Red

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Organic Seed Potatoes

Huckleberry Red

Email us now, and we’ll notify you when this variety ...

Email us now, and we’ll notify you when this variety is back in stock.

1 lb. bag (plants a 10 foot row)

Shipments are scheduled from the potato farm in Washington at the right time for spring planting in your climate zone.

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Huckleberry Red produces medium to large sized potatoes with deep red skin and pink flesh. The tubers keep their pretty color when cooked, and their pink flesh offers high levels of antioxidants. You’ll find them perfect to harvest early, at 1 1/2 to 2 inches, and quickly steam for a baby potato feast. Harvesting those little new potatoes early won’t mean fewer big ones later either, because Huckleberry Red offers strong yields.

Huckleberry Red tubers store well, so you can enjoy their flavor and texture for months. Serve with a little sweet butter and chopped dill or Italian parsley, or cook with baby peas for a true gardener’s celebration. Somewhat drought tolerant and scab resistant.

Early to Midseason: 80-95 days

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