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Bold = New Variety | H =Heirloom | O = Organic Seed

Renee's Garden Vegetables

5685 Baby Turnips Pastel Duo

Baby Turnips

Pastel Duo

EXCLUSIVE – Imported from Japan, these pretty globe-shaped baby turnips are a special gardener’s treat. We’ve combined seeds for pearly white and party pink little turnips, both with crispy white flesh and delicious mild, sweet flavor. No need to peel; just slice up to enjoy in salads or as crunchy snacks on their own. Or use quickly stir-fried. The tasty, nutritious tops make fine sautéed greens. Plant fast-growing baby turnips both in cool spring and fall weather.

Seed count: Approx. 425 / Weight: 1 gm / F-1 Hybrid
$ 3.39
5999 Bean Bush Cannellini

Bush Beans

Heirloom Cannellini

A real kitchen garden favorite, heirloom Cannellini beans are the classic variety to use in making a delectable minestrone soup. The plump white beans have a real “melt in your mouth” texture that can’t be beat for rich, meaty flavor in satisfying soups, stews, salads or in tasty standalone bean dishes.

The vigorous plants always produce heavy pod sets and the handsome dry beans shell out easily. Cannellini beans are an excellent source of dietary protein and fiber. 

Seed count: 60 - 65 / Weight: 18 gms
$ 3.69 H
5985 Bean Bush Castandel Weekend

Bush Bean Castandel

The “Weekend Bean”

EXCLUSIVE –French-bred especially for kitchen gardeners, Castandel beans keep their juicy texture and sweet flavor longer on the plants, leaving you more time to pick them before they become tough or fibrous. In France, Castandel is nicknamed “The Weekend Bean” because this fine variety allows you more time and leisure between pickings. These versatile plants produce bountiful harvests of succulent beans for fresh garden to table eating. Perfect for garden beds, patio containers or tidy small space gardens.
Seed count: 50-52 / Weight: 12 gms
$ 3.39
5417 Bean Bush Classic Slenderette

Bush Beans

Classic Slenderette

EXCLUSIVE - The sleek rounded pods of gourmet quality Slenderette are particularly tender and crunchy with no tough tips or fiber. The vigorous plants bear strong harvests of delectable, bright green, 5 inch pods early in the season. Juicy and sweet tasting, they are especially delicious steamed, stir-fried, or blanched and marinated in an herbed vinaigrette. An extra bonus is Slenderette’s proven disease resistance to bean mosaic and curly top virus. Plant this reliable, delicious and high-yielding garden bean every season.
Seed count: 75 - 80 / Weight: 20 gms
$ 2.99
5972 Bean Bush French Mascotte

Container Bush Beans

French Mascotte

Mascotte is the first true container green bean variety, perfect for patio pots and small space gardens. Developed by expert French breeders, these fast-growing compact, sturdy plants are extremely disease-resistant and produce heavy yields. You’ll enjoy their pretty cream colored blossoms, followed by super abundant, slender, crispy, delicious green beans. Beans are borne at the tops of the plants, so they are both ornamental and easy to harvest over a long period for garden to table eating. 

Seed count: 88 - 90 / Weight: 12 gms
$ 3.69
5882 Bean Bush Nickel Fillet

French Baby Bush Beans

Nickel Filet

These first-quality mini beans were originally developed for upscale European markets and sold for top prices to fine restaurants. Nickel beans are produced in abundance on sturdy compact plants and mature at just 3 to 4 inches long and 1/4 inch in diameter. The tender pods need only brief cooking and little extra adornment. They will grace your plate and palate steamed and tossed with a little butter and fresh herbs or sautéed and sauced.
Seed count: 90 - 95 / Weight: 17 gms
$ 3.39
3027 Bean Bush Provider Organic

Heirloom Bush Beans


Heirlooms whose long, rounded, crispy green pods have rich meaty flavor. Pods are born in abundance on vigorous plants. Great tasting, highly productive and reliable variety.
Seed count: 60 - 65 / Weight: 20 gms
$ 4.49 H, O
3066 Bean Bush Roc d'Or Organic

French Bush Bean

Roc d'Or

French variety produces the best tasting yellow beans available: long, rounded, sunny-yellow pods with a delicate and buttery flavor. Plants are vigorous bearers with good resistance to bean viruses.
Seed count: 70 - 75 / Weight: 20 gms
$ 4.49 O
5552 Bean Bush Rolande French

Bush French Filet Beans


EXCLUSIVE – A fine French delicacy, Rolande is the very best “filet” or “haricot vert” variety with deep green, truly gourmet beans of delicate flavor and superb quality. They are sensational simply steamed to serve whole with a knob of sweet butter and a sprinkle of fresh chopped herbs. This refined introduction from our premier French seedsmen offers gardeners abundant harvests of long, pencil-slim, rounded 6 inch pods on strong, sturdy, disease-resistant plants.
Seed count: 80 - 90 / Weight: 20 gms
$ 3.39
5418 Bean Bush Roma Improved

Italian Bush Beans

Roma Improved

This early-bearing, bush Roma variety is an old Italian favorite, reselected for great taste and improved yields. The vigorous 2 foot plants bear heavy harvests of flat, wide, 5 inch long green stringless pods with a distinctively rich “beany” flavor. They are scrumptious just steamed with a little butter or use them in your own freshly made minestrone soup, marinated for antipasto or in any green bean recipe. You’ll find their full meaty flavor is special and satisfying.
Seed count: 45 - 50 / Weight: 20 gms
$ 2.99
3028 Bean Bush Royalty Purple Pod Organic

Heirloom Bush Bean

Royalty Purple Pod

Long time favorite whose dark purple pods stand out against green foliage, making picking easy. Productive in a wide range of climates & soils. Tops for flavor, versatility and easy harvesting.
Seed count: 74 - 75 / Weight: 20 gms
$ 4.49 H, O
5469 Bean Bush Soup Mix Blend

Heirloom Dry Beans

Soup Mix Blend

Our blend of colorful, tasty, heirloom varieties specially selected to grow and harvest as a colorful mix from one garden bed. Expect big yields of plump dry beans that taste nutty, creamy and meaty when cooked, much superior to older, tougher store-bought beans. Make delicious, hearty, nutritious soups, stews, chili and casseroles throughout the colder months with just the addition of onion garlic and a few dried herbs. True garden treasure!

Equal Parts: Burgundy Jacob's Cattle, Golden Jacob's Cattle, Yellow Indian Woman, Hidatsa Red Indian

Seed count: 70-75 / Weight: 23.5 gms
$ 3.69 H
5550 Bean Bush Tricolor

Tricolor Bush Beans

Gold, Purple & Green

EXCLUSIVE - For a space saving rainbow of flavor and color in the garden and at the table, plant this seed mix of 3 different colored bush beans. The sturdy, vigorous plants are ornamental in the garden, and as a bonus, the pretty colors of their succulent pods stand out against the foliage for easier harvesting. Tender, stringless and juicy, the gold, royal purple and deep green crunchy pods will cook up sweet and tender to highlight summer meals.

Equal parts: Golden Roc d'Or, Purple Queen, Green Slenderette
Seed count: 80 - 90 / Weight: 20 gms
$ 3.39
5956 Bean Fava Robin Hood

Early Fava Beans

Robin Hood

Delicious and highly nutritious fava beans (a.k.a. broad beans) have been an important kitchen stable throughout Europe and the Middle East for centuries. Robin Hood is a new, early bearing, shorter variety that produces especially succulent, plump beans rich in vitamins, fiber and protein on bushy plants that don’t need staking. Favas are the only beans that thrive in cool weather. Plant roots fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil, so growing them benefits the garden soil.
Seed count: 20 / Weight: 30 gms
$ 3.99
3072 Bean Pole Emerite Filet Organic

Pole Filet Beans

French Emerite

EXCLUSIVE - Long and elegant French filet pole beans offer extra-fancy pods with a beany-sweet, delicate flavor and a crispy snap that makes them especially delicious. High yielding, very productive vines.
Seed count: 55-60 / Weight: 17 gms
$ 4.49 O
5933 Bean Pole Emerite Filet

Pole Filet Beans


Emerite is a long, elegant filet pole bean from one of the oldest French breeders. The pods of these classic “haricot verts” beans are slim, rounded, and grow 7 to 9 inches long. Emerite’s flavor is sweet, delicate, and the long pods have a crispy snap that makes them especially delicious when just briefly steamed or quickly stir-fried. Emerite’s tall vines are vigorous and productive with high yields of extra-fancy pods sure to please and reward the gourmet gardener and cook.
Seed count: Aprox 40 seeds / Weight: 12 g
$ 3.99
3071 Bean Pole French Gold Filet Organic

Pole Filet Beans

French Gold

EXCLUSIVE - Golden-yellow long, slim juicy French filet pole beans with fine sweet flavor. Sunny pods stand out from green vines for easy harvesting. Great garden performance and yield over a long season.
Seed count: Approx. 64 / Weight: 20 gms
$ 4.49 H, O
5929 Bean Pole French Gold Filet

Pole Filet Beans

French Gold

These hard-to-find, handsome yellow filet pole beans were originally bred by our favorite French seedmen for their domestic market. French Gold are true “haricot verts” beans: classically slim, round 7 to 9 inch pods with delicate, sweet flavor and a crispy snap that makes them especially choice eating. The heavy bearing, vigorous vines yield extra-fancy, juicy pods to enjoy in colorful summer meals over a long season of harvest.
Seed count: Approx. 64 / Weight: 20 gms
$ 3.39 H
3090 Bean Pole Kentucky Wonder Organic

Heirloom Pole Beans

Kentucky Wonder

The classic variety for heavy crops of meaty, tender, 6 inch long pods with delicious flavor. Easy to grow & productive over a long harvest period. Vines are vigorous with heavy yields.
Seed count: 115 - 120 / Weight: 20 gms
$ 4.49 H, O
3073 Bean Pole Purple Pod Organic

Heirloom Pole Beans

Rich Purple Pod

Treasured purple pole beans renowned for flavor, yield and reliability. These crunchy deep purple pods stand out against the green leafy vines, making them fun and easy to pick. Antioxidant rich.
Seed count: 50 / Weight: 20 gms
$ 4.49 H, O
5930 Bean Pole Rattlesnake & Purple

Heirloom Pole Beans

Rattlesnake & Purple Pole

The pretty patterned pods of Rattlesnake pole beans make delicious fresh snap beans. Or let the seeds mature and dry in the pods, then shell them for nutty-tasting and nutritious dried bean dishes. Distinctive purple pole beans are renowned for flavor and reliability, offering long, tender, crunchy pods whose rich color stands out from the vines so they are fun and easy to harvest. Both of these treasured heirloom beans have been passed down among generations of gardeners.
Seed count: 55 / Weight: 20 gms
$ 3.69 H
3057 Bean Pole Spanish Musica Organic

Pole Beans

Early Spanish Musica

EXCLUSIVE – Juicy-sweet and meaty with wonderful crunchy texture, Musica is the earliest, most productive pole bean we’ve ever grown. Best of all, these broad, flat, 7 to 9 inch long pods have unsurpassed rich flavor. Bred originally for European home gardeners, Musica’s vigorous, robust vines climb quickly and effortlessly and produce heavily. Keep these plump, great tasting pods picked and plants will pump out more beans than you thought possible.
Seed count: 25-30 / Weight: 15 gms
$ 4.49 O
5565 Bean Pole Spanish Musica

Early Pole Beans

Spanish Musica

EXCLUSIVE – Juicy-sweet and meaty with wonderful crunchy texture, Musica is the earliest, most productive pole bean we’ve ever grown. The broad, flat, 7 to 9 inch long pods have slightly scalloped edges and unsurpassed rich flavor. Bred for demanding fresh markets in Spain and France, Musica’s vigorous, robust vines climb quickly and effortlessly to bear extraordinary harvests. Keep these plump, great tasting pods picked and plants will pump out more beans than you thought possible.
Seed count: 25 - 30 / Weight: 15 gms
$ 3.39 H
5560 Bean Pole Tricolor

Tricolor Pole Beans

Green, Yellow & Purple

EXCLUSIVE – Cascading from their tall supports, our tricolor pole beans are sentinels of the abundant summer garden. Vigorous pole beans twine up effortlessly and their vertical habit makes good use of limited garden space. These heavy bearing climbers reliably produce extended heavy harvests of delicious long gold, green and burgundy pods. The generous bounty of juicy tender pods has that sweet and meaty bean flavor every cook loves in the summer kitchen.

Equal parts: Blue Lake, Yellow Pole Wax, Purple Peacock
Seed count: 60 - 70 / Weight: 20 gms
$ 3.99
5530 Bean Pole Yard Long Noodle King

Pole Beans

Yard Long Noodle King

Our tendercrisp, flavorful Noodle King selection is easy to grow and yields earlier than other Yard Long varieties, with more weather flexibility, allowing gardeners all over the country to grow them successfully. These amazingly long, slender green pods can easily reach 12-18 inches!

Prepare crispy Noodle King beans quickly: sauté, stir-fry or deep fry tempura-style. Their crisp, juicy texture and fine flavor makes these delicious beans a real gourmet treat to grow and enjoy in abundance fresh from the garden.

Seed count: 80-82 / Weight: 10.5 g
$ 3.99
5198 Bean Soy Edamame

Fresh Soy Beans


Edamame soybeans’ flavor is nutty, buttery and truly irresistible fresh from the garden and they pack top nutritional value. Cook them quickly, right in their pods for appetizers and snacks or use like fresh beans in any recipe. We import our seed from Japan, where edamame are a long-standing favorite. These widely adapted 2 foot tall bush plants offer consistently high yields of large 3 to 3-1/2 inch green pods with 3 to 4 plump and tasty beans per pod.
Seed count: Approx. 36 / Weight: 12 gms
$ 3.69
5572 Beet Baby Ball

Dutch Beets

Baby Ball

We import seed for these true mini beets directly from Holland where baby beets are a kitchen staple. Perfectly rounded Baby Balls size up quickly to produce sweet, tender, petite sized beets to harvest early, at just 1 to 11⁄ 2 inches in diameter. Vitamin rich and delicious, the little globes cook up fast and are just the right size for whole pickled beets. Plant again for a fall crop of smooth skinned and uniform pretty babies to steam or bake to perfection.
Seed count: Approx. 650 / Weight: 5 gms
$ 2.99
3030 Beet Chioggia Organic

Heirloom Beets

Traditional Chioggia

Italian heirloom with bright, candy-red exteriors and interior flesh beautifully marked in alternating rings of cherry red and white. Delicious sweet flavor and fine texture. Great tasting leafy tops.
Seed count: Approx. 580 / Weight: 5 gms
$ 4.49 H, O
5973 Beet Five Color Rainbow

Gourmet Beets

Five Color Rainbow

This wonderful five color beet blend is a knockout in both in the garden and kitchen. The kaleidoscope colors of roots, stems and leaves make a visually stunning mix and all have fine sweet flavor. Enjoy as baby beets and then let the rest size up. Includes beets with deep purple skin and flesh, orange skin with yellow interiors, rose with candystriped interiors, a glowing cerise-pink and an heirloom satin white that really sets off the other colors.
Seed count: 275 - 280 / Weight: 5.5 gms
$ 3.69
5927 Beet Golden

Gourmet Beets


Golden beets are a beautiful golden-orange color throughout. They stay tender-fleshed and are particularly sweet and mild in taste, whether pulled very young or allowed to size up. Their tops also make great tasting greens. Golden beets do not “bleed” color when cooked or pickled. Whether steamed or baked, they make a handsome color accent in salads or simply served by themselves. These specialty beets are popular with both chefs and home cooks for their delicate flavor and color.
Seed count: 90 - 100 / Weight: .8 gms
$ 3.69 H
5570 Beet Jewel-Toned Blend

Jewel-Toned Beets

Red, Gold & Candystripe

EXCLUSIVE – Our mixture of burgundy, golden and candy-striped beets yields big harvests with glowing rich colors, succulent texture and sweet earthy flavor. These beets will become an easy to grow, long keeping staple in your garden and kitchen. The smooth roots can be harvested at any size to bake, boil or steam and enjoy hot and buttered or chilled in an herb vinaigrette. The nutritious young tops are unrivaled as melt-in-your-mouth steamed greens.

Red Sangria, Golden Beets, Striped Chioggia
Seed count: Approx. 450 / Weight: 5 gms
$ 3.69
5986 Beet Merlin

Roasting Beets

Sweet Merlin

Specially selected by beet breeders for roasting to sweet perfection, Merlin grows quickly to produce tender-fleshed, dark ruby-red, globe-shaped beets with an especially high sugar content. Harvest at any stage of maturity; either as babies or fully sized up, because Merlin beets hold their fine flavor and don’t get woody or tough. Plant another crop at the end of summer for fall harvesting and cook to perfection for beet salads, main dishes or pickled beets.
Seed count: 250-255 / Weight: 4 gms / F-1 Hybrid
$ 3.39
3002 Beet Red Baron Organic

Dutch Beets

Red Baron

EXCLUSIVE - Deep red, globe-shaped beets with smooth skinned, rich flavor and nice leafy tops. Long keeping, fine tasting Dutch variety to pull as baby beets or grow to full maturity.
Seed count: Approx. 300 / Weight: 4 gms
$ 4.49 O
5580 Broccoli All Season Blend

Long Harvest Broccoli

All Season Blend

We’ve mixed equal amounts of seed for these great-tasting, high-yielding hybrid varieties with early and later season maturities for the longest possible harvests. Plant and grow them together and you’ll be enjoying their sweet blue-green spears for weeks as they ripen in succession. We’ve chosen cultivars for flavorful, extra-fancy, tightly beaded main heads and abundant side shoots. All three have excellent disease resistance and weather tolerance. 

Seed count: Approx. 125 / Weight: 0.5 gms / F-1
$ 3.99
3074 Broccoli Batavia Organic

Early Heading Broccoli


EXCLUSIVE - Vigorous early broccoli with nutty sweet flavor. Large central heads are followed by multiple side shoots for extended harvests. Strong disease resistance and great garden performance.
Seed count: 50 / Weight: 300 mg / F-1
$ 4.49 O
5463 Broccoli Bravado

Main Crop Broccoli


Count on this top-quality, high-yielding hybrid variety to reliably produce flavorful, tightly beaded, big, blue-green domed heads, followed by abundant crops of delicious side shoots to enjoy over a long extended season. Best of all, strong growing and disease-resistant new Bravado has excellent flavor and a crunchy texture that makes it perfect for a wide variety of cooking options: quick stirfries, steaming, roasting or cut up for healthy snacks with hummus or onion dip.
Seed count: 90-95 / Weight: 0.5 gm / F-1 Hybrid
$ 3.69 H
3031 Broccoli Raab Rapini Organic

Heirloom Broccoli Raab

Early Rapini

Cool season Italian heirloom whose delicious dark green shoots, buds and leaves taste like broccoli with a real flavor punch. Vitamin-rich and very productive.
Seed count: Approx. 875 / Weight: 2.5 gms
$ 4.49 H, O
5582 Broccoli Raab Super Rapini

Heirloom Broccoli Raab

Super Rapini

EXCLUSIVE – Also known as “cima di rapa” or “rapini,” this robust and rich-tasting traditional Italian heirloom is a quick growing, cool season favorite. Broccoli Raab produces an abundance of deep green leaves and tender shoots topped with tiny bud clusters. Enjoy these full-flavored greens sautéed in olive oil and garlic as Italian food lovers have for time immemorial. We import our “Sessentina” seed selection directly from Italy, so you can rely on its freshness and authenticity.
Seed count: Approx. 500 / Weight: 2 gms
$ 3.39 H
5974 Brussels Sprouts Hestia

Brussels Sprouts


Extra-fancy variety bred for flavor and productivity offers heavy yields of solid, crunchy, bright green sprouts. Plants are burst and rot resistant and easily withstand early frosts for extended harvesting.
Seed count: 38 - 40 / Weight: 0.21 gms / F-1 Hybrid
$ 4.39
5987 Cabbage Conehead

Pointed Sweetheart Cabbage


EXCLUSIVE – A traditional European specialty, these handsome cabbages have a solid, rounded, tightly wrapped base of leaves that taper to a point. Flavor is consistently mild and remarkably sweet. Enjoy Conehead’s great fresh flavor and crunchy texture sliced up in salads, shredded for coleslaw, or quickly sauté with a little cumin or caraway seeds, or add to tasty stirfries. Heads grow quickly and are uniform and heavy for their size with strong wrapper leaves and great weather tolerance.
Seed count: 120-124 / Weight: 0.48 gms / F-1 Hybrid
$ 3.69