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Renee's Garden Makes A Difference

Every year, Renee's Garden donates seeds to a wide variety of organizations and educational programs worldwide that strive to improve social, economic and health conditions, and promote sustainable organic gardening. We also encourage retailers to donate unsold Renee's Garden seeds to local non-profit organizations at the end of the season. We are pleased to share their successful outcomes.

Heart Walk Foundation

We have been partnering for over ten years with native Q’ero communities in the very remote regions of the Andes Mountains of Peru. Because the communities lie at the highest habitable regions in the mountains (12,600 – 15,000 feet in elevation) all they can grow are potatoes and tubers. There are no stores or income sources to allow the people to purchase food.

Our organization has been raising funds to supply the materials for every family to have a greenhouse. They build the walls with local materials, and we supply the plastic, hardware, and tools. To date 49 greenhouses have been built, and 39 families are in line and ready for funding. We are thrilled to see that the children are integrally involved and love the taste of every vegetable – foods they never saw or tasted before.

It is evident that the children are growing taller and stronger, have better health, and are more alert in the classroom. Renee’s Garden donated a substantial number of seed packets this year to make this program such a success. - Penelope Eicher, Executive Director

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HWES School, Jonesboro, Arkansas

The HWES School is in Northeast Arkansas in an area that is relatively poor and rural with about 70% of the students coming from low income families. Starting with three Bermuda grass infested courtyards and an abandoned former cafeteria, they now have a greenhouse, three outdoor classrooms with over 20 raised beds, an outdoor kitchen area and a classroom sized kitchen.

Melinda Smith and her colleagues have successfully created the kind of program that is vitally important in the world we are all facing today.  In their hands-on "garden classroom,” kids learn lessons that incorporate basic science, math, nutrition and the environment.

They produce the vegetables and greens used in the "teaching kitchen" where they prepare and cook their produce, learning to make and enjoy healthy meals. Melinda's challenge is to keep the garden going, move ahead and expand the program. Renee’s Garden adopted this program and invites our customers to join us. In addition to matching contributions, Renee provides continuing financial support.



Slide Ranch, Muir Beach, California

"Slide Ranch is a nonprofit teaching farm that provides a variety of agricultural education programs to school children, community groups and families – reaching more than 8,000 visitors a year. Sixty percent of the groups we serve are from low-income communities.

Gardening is an integral part of all our programming. Participants visit our one-acre, certified organic educational garden to explore plant, insect, and soil life and participate in hands-on garden projects such as weeding, prepping beds, seeding, planting, harvesting, and cooking from the farm.

For many students, their visit to Slide Ranch is their first opportunity to encounter the ocean, the animals and the plants that provide the foods we eat."

Hermitage Street Community Garden, Chicago, IL

"Our garden project mission is to assist inner city gardeners to grow organic food to feed their families. Individuals are provided an eight-feet by eight-feet raised bed plot, as well as seeds and soil. They may cultivate anything they want, including cabbage, collards, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, flowers, string beans, mustard, turnip, greens and peppers. Each of the 38 plots can yield enough to feed a family of four for an entire year.

This garden has really been a blessing to this community. When we came at the start, this was actually a jungle.

We’ve come in to clean this garden space, level it, and then the vision kind of came together to start these raised beds.

At the garden, they are growing more than the Italian green beans and tomatoes that are flourishing now. They’re actually creating community."

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Some of the other fine non-profit organizations that receive our seeds include:

Denver Urban Gardens
Denver, Colorado
Bayou Lacombe Middle School
Lacombe, Louisiana
Viruga Artisans
Seattle Tilth
Seattle, Washington 
Seeds of Hope

Eastside Neighborhood Garden
Santa Clara County, New Jersey

Boulder County Jail Garden
Boulder, Colorado

Alaska Botanical Garden
21st Century Community Learning Centers
Anchorage, Alaska


Ely Public Library
Community Learning Garden
Ely, Iowa
Plant a Row for the Hungry
Spokane, Washington
Homeless Garden Project
Santa Cruz, California
Chicago, Illinois

Novato High School Garden
Novato, California
Francis Land House
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Flying Doctors of America
Haiti and Bolivia