Gift Certificates and Seed Gifts

Gift Certificates

Give a gardening gift with our attractive gift certificates. Recipients can order online or by mail.


NOTE: For a gift certificate only order, type gcert14 into the coupon box at check out for no shipping charge.

A Gift of Seeds

Order any selection of seeds and add a gift message at checkout. Your message will be included on a gift card with the shipment to your recipient.  

Renee's Cookbooks
Renee's popular  Cookbooks are perfect gift choices for gardening cooks and cooking gardeners.
Offered individually or as a boxed set at a discount. View a sampling of recipes from Renee's cookbooks.


THE RENEE’S GARDEN COOKBOOK combines expert gardening advice and delicious recipes that showcase the colors and flavors of freshly picked kitchen garden produce. Whether you are a beginning or experienced gardener or shop at a farmers market, Renee’s gardening advice will help you grow each vegetable and herb to perfection






Gift set of 2 cookbooksSET Of TWO COOKBOOKS
 SAVE 10%

  $23.30 (reg. $25.90)

boxed gift set of 2 cookbooksGIFT SET of TWO COOKBOOKS
Boxed with Ribbon SAVE 10%

  $24.55 (reg. $27.00)


Cookbooks and Seed Collection Sets
SAVE 10%

"Recipes from a Kitchen Garden" cookbook
plus your choice of one Seed Collection

Select collection:

BOTH Cookbooks plus Container Herb and Container Vegetable Collections

 $48.42 (reg.$53.80)

BOTH Cookbooks plus
your choice of one Seed Collection

Select collection:

Easy To Grow Seed Collections
Especially rewarding for new gardeners.
Each Collection contains five packets of colorful, delicious and reliably easy to grow vegetables or herbs.

Container Kitchen Vegetable Garden


Container Herb Garden


Rainbow Kitchen Garden


Bonus Seed Packs 
Beautiful bonus packets generously filled with very special seeds.



seeds for a hummingbird garden seed packet



butterfly garden seed packet



Scatter Garden Canisters
These handsome and distinctive re-sealable canisters
contain enough seed to broadcast a large field of flowers.

Native Orange California Poppies


Carefree Annual Wildflowers


Pollinator Flowers


Cover Crop Seeds


Renee's Themed Garden Collections

Our themed selections create unique gardens with a full range of colors, flavors and fragrance.
Each envelope holds five different eye-catching watercolor packets of our favorite varieties.

 Ultimate Garden Collection:
one of each Themed Collection

$155.16 (SAVE 10%)

Irresistible Scented Sweet Peas
A Children's Garden
Hummingbirds and Butterflies
An Heirloom Cottage Garden
Old Fashioned Fragrance Garden
Gourmet Salad Garden
Basil Lovers Bonanza
Patio Container Garden
Herbs for All the Senses
Fabulous and Unusual Annuals


Container Flower Garden


Organic Heirloom Garden

cookbook and seeds gift set
Gift Box Set: Both Cookbooks
with one Themed Collection

$35.95  (reg. $40.95) SAVE 10%

Themed Collection
and Recipe Cookbook
"Recipes from a Kitchen Garden"

$25.55 (reg. $26.90) SAVE 5%

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