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Planting Your Pollinator Flowers

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1. Prepare the soil

Prepare your planting bed: remove all weeds and then turn with a digging fork. Break up all of the big clumps and rake the soil flat.


2. Prepare the seeds 

Before opening the canister, shake it thoroughly to evenly mix the seeds with the rice hulls. Then open up the can, peel back the aluminum seal and pour some of the mixture into your hand.


3. Sow

Scatter the seeds, making sure to shake out the seed mixture thinly and evenly. Give them enough space so they won't germinate in crowded clumps which would stunt the growth of the plants. The rice hulls are easy to see and make a good indicator of how far apart the seed has been sown.


4. Rake

After scattering the seed, use a rigid rake to work the seeds down into the soil to a depth of 1/4 inch.


5. Water

Water the seeds in thoroughly and evenly with a fine mist sprayer. NOTE: It's very important to keep the seeds evenly moist while they are germinating. As plants grow and mature, they will flower in succession and bloom much longer if watered regularly.


6. Enjoy!

At season’s end, allow spent flowers to form seed pods and then drop their seeds to bloom again next spring.