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Renee's Videos

Growing from Seed

Growing Flowers

Growing and Cooking

Baby Leaf Mesclun Mix

How to sow seeds using the
“cut and come again” method.

Cosmic Cosmos

How to grow these carefree, pollinator-attracting
old-fashioned cutting flowers

Cooking with Fresh Basil

Different kinds of basil you can
enjoy from seed.

Cut and Come Again Mesclun

How to plant and harvest bountiful
cut-and-come-again mesclun lettuce.

 Flowers for Cutting

Wonderful heirloom & cottage garden
flowers for bouquets.

Edible Flowers and Flower Sandwiches

Edible flowers you can grow
 and use in cooking.

Easy Growing from Seed

Sowing seeds, tending your seedlings
and enjoying the harvest.

Fabulous Fragrant Sweet Peas

The many varieties of sweet peas
and how to grow from seed.

Growing and Cooking with Fennel

Growing and using the butterfly attracting
bronze fennel

Sow and Grow a  Cover Crop

How to sow and grow a  cover crop
in a garden bed.

Great Scented Sweet Peas

Grow scented sweet peas in abundance 
in your home garden.

 Sowing Baby Kale

How to prepare the garden bed
 and sow baby kale.

Incorporating Cover Crops: Method One

Incorporating a cover crop into
 a garden bed: Method 1

Grow Your Own Sweet Peas

Renee demonstrates how to grow
sweet peas from seed.

 Cutting Baby Kale for Salad

How to harvest baby kale for salad.

Incorporating Cover Crops:  Method Two
Incorporating a cover crop in a
small garden bed: Method 2

Growing Colorful Zinnias

The many beautiful zinnias you
can grow from seed.

Renee's Trial Garden

Visit Renee’s trial garden and see how
to grow delicious baby leaf mesclun.


Saving Seeds

Reliably save and store seeds
for your garden.

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