June, 2014

Jewel Tones Beets

Dutch Darkibor Kale


What to Plant in June/July

Don't be overwhelmed by a sense of being too late to plant. June is a fine time to start a second crop to have ready for another bounteous late summer harvest when the first crops of these staples have finished up. Summer producers will grow even more quickly from seed sown in early summer when the soil is well warmed up and teeming with life. You'll be surprised how fast seeds will come up and explode with growth. Read More

Scented Basil Trio

Certified Organic Garden Rainbow Chard

Aloha Mix Nasturtiums

June in the Trial Garden

by Lindsay Del Carlo, Trial Garden Manager

We have had the good fortune to harvest some treasures from spring sown crops this month. One real delight has been Certified Organic Butterhead Lettuce ‘Matilda’. This voluminous butterhead is a true winner, holding strong in the garden through 2 week long heat waves without even thinking about bolting AND staying sweet and tender all the while. The gorgeous big heads are so dense that we were able to make enough salad to serve 6 with just one! We will definitely be carrying this one, once a crop is grown for us next year.

We have also been pulling some sizeable Rainbow Beets. This heirloom mix of 5 different colored beet varieties is wonderfully sweet. They are wonderful roasted or even shredded to make a nice beet salad. They are very easy and quick to grow, so in just 60 days from seed we have an abundance of large, plump healthy beets in white, golden, striped, magenta, and dark red. This is another variety blend that we will definitely carry in the future and we are putting in our order with the British seed grower of this one, so we can add it next year!

Be sure to look out for heirloom Tuscan Baby Leaf Kale as a new introduction to the Renee’s Garden seed line, available late fall this year. We are raving about this variety, and it has been such a pleasure to have it in the garden. The seeds are sown close together and harvested by the “cut and come again” method just like a baby leaf mesclun. We cut the bed five or six times times over many weeks now and it grows back quickly with no problem. This is an excellent selection of Tuscan kale we get especially from Italy, because it has sweet and tender leaves for kale salads or to add to stirfries.

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