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onion plants

The very best way to get a head start on bulb onions' long growing season is to begin with pre-started plants. Onions grown this way can get ahead of the weeds and bulb up and keep much better than store-bought "sets". We're pleased to offer top quality onion plants painstakingly grown, harvested and shipped to you directly from Dixondale onion ranch in January through April/early May, depending on your climate and zone. Choose from our Rainbow Onion Samplers and from a selection of Specialty, Heirloom, Sweet, Mild and Long Keeping varieties.
5 dozen plants $14.95      Plants are shipped separately, directly from the grower, depending on your climate zone and transit weather conditions, through April or Early May. Sorry onion plants cannot be sent to Idaho, Hawaii or Canada.    For Green Onions, aka "Spring Onion" see SCALLIONS

onion plants

Onion Seeds, Torpedo, "Rossa Lunga di Firenze"
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For Green Onions, aka "Spring Onion" see SCALLIONS
  onion seeds, Rossa Lunga di Firenze These beautiful, wine colored onions are an intermediate day type with wonderful rich, mild sweet flavor and juicy red flesh. They offer great garden performance in all areas. $2.99


Pak Choi, Baby, "Green Fortune"
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  Pak Choi,Baby,Green Fortune Exclusive - Crispy, sweet, vase-shaped 6 by 8 inch mini-heads with pale lime green crunchy stalks and dark green leaves. Compact, fast growing and delicious braised, steamed, or stir fried.  $2.99


Parsnip,  English, "Gladiator"
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  parsnip, Gladiator Imported from England, these top quality parsnips have smooth, blemish-free white skins and deliciously sweet, earthy flavor. Quick to mature to an impressive 10-12 inches long and great keepers. $2.99



Peas, Edible Pod, "Super Sugar Snap"
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Peas,  Shelling "Sabre"
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Pea, Snap, Organic, "Sugar Daddy"
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Peas,Super Sugar Snap

Tall vigorous vines (resistant to powdery mildew and tolerant to other pea virus) are laden with long crisp sweet pods that mature in 60 days. $2.79 pea, Sabre Exclusive - Easy-to-work, short vines bear double sets of well-filled pods each with 10 to 12 peas that shell out easily. Delicious tender peas with great taste. Extremely disease-resistant and productive plants. $2.79 pea, orangic, Sugar Daddy High yielding bush vines that load up early with double pods of plump, nutty-sweet peas at each plant node. Hard to resist eating right on the spot. $3.79


Pea, Snow, Organic, "Oregon Sugar Pod II"
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Peas, Snow, "Oregon Giant"
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pea,organic, snow, Oregon Sugar Pod Vigorous, short vines produce bumper crops of juicy-sweet flat green crispy sugar pods over a long harvest season. Perfect eating fresh or stirfry in seconds. $3.79 peas,Snow,Oregon Giant Huge yields of sweet, exceptionally large, five inch crispy snow pea pods on vigorous, disease resistant short vines. $2.79    


Peppers, Mini Salad, "Baby Belle"
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Peppers, "Classic Jalapeno"
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Peppers, "Corno di Toro Mix"
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Peppers, Mini Salad,Baby Belle Exclusive - Bite-size, mini red and yellow sweet bell peppers are cute and delicious, with crunchy texture and sweet taste. Colorful in salads, grilled or for easy and nutritious quick snacks. Compact plants are heavy producers. $3.19 pepper, organic, chili, Jalapeno Heirloom variety offers abundant crops of versatile chiles for killer salsas or to add tasty heat to any dish. Harvest either deep glossy-green or fully colored to red. $3.79 Peppers,Corno di Toro Mix Exclusive - Color-coded seeds for long, 8-12 inch, pointed and curved traditional Italian favorites. Includes bright yellow and vivid red fruiting varieties Islero F1 and Giallo, with heavy sets of shiny fruits with thick, sweet flesh. $2.99


Peppers, Mild Habanero, "Suave"
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Peppers, Habanero, "Red Savina"
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Pepper, Italian Sweet, Organic, "Sunset Mix"
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Peppers, Mild Habanero,Suave Exclusive - Enjoy Habaneros complex flavor without their incendiary heat. These orange and red chiles have a delicious tropical fruitiness with a hint of citrus. Robust plants bear heavy crops. $2.99

Peppers, Habanero,Red Savina

Exclusive - Incendiary Red Savina is the hottest habanero known at 380-500,000 Scoville units. Along with brilliant red color and intense heat, fiery Red Savina has a tantalizing fruity flavor. $2.99 peppers, sweet,Sunset Mix Exclusive - Beautiful heirloom mix yields huge, elongated tapering fruits with thick, meaty flesh that mature to rich red, yellow or orange. Perfect for snacking, salads, sauté, or roasting. $3.99

Peppers, "Jewel Tone Sweet Bells"
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Peppers, Chile, "Southwestern Trio"
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Peppers, Tapas, "Spanish Padron"
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Peppers,Jewel Tone Sweet Bells Exclusive - Color-coded seeds enable gardeners to grow three super premium hybrid varieties of luscious gold Admiral Golden Bell, red North Star Bell and orange Valencia Orange Bell from one convenient packet. $3.19  Peppers, Chile,Southwestern Trio A trio of the best chile flavors with three different heat levels. Mild aromatic Ancho "San Luis", medium-heat Santa Fe-style "Joe Parker" and spicy Jalapeno "Sierra Fuego". $3.19 Peppers, Tapas,Spanish Padron Exclusive - Gourmet gardeners will love these hard-to-find, authentic little peppers, for easy, "pop in your mouth", delicious sizzling "Tapas" appetizers. The tapered fruits grow abundantly on early bearing, vigorous plants. $3.19


Peppers, Sweet Bell, "Orange Gilboa & Red Yardenne"
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Peppers, "Thai Chile Duo"
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Bhut Jolokia "Ghost Pepper"  
& Trinidad Scorpion Chiles   
Pepper, Sweet Bell, Orange Gilboa & Red Yardenne Crunchy bell pepper mix that colors up glowing orange or bright crimson at maturity. These vigorous plants load up with fruit early for colorful, tasty and nutritious harvests. $3.99 Peppers,Thai Chile Duo Exclusive - A combo of beautiful chiles for authentic Thai cooking. "Full Moon" ripens bright orange with medium hot-sweet pungency. Fiery "Red Vesuvius” has that nutty, incendiary flavor just right for the hottest dishes. $3.19 peppers, chile, Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper
 and Trinidad Scorpion Web Only Special - Limited Quantity
For everyone who loves fiery chiles, these super incendiary peppers set new standards for heat. Now you can grow these legendary ultra fiery chiles yourself.

Click Here for more info and ordering
Pepper, Baby, "Yummy Belles" 
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Pepper, Sweet, Container, "Pizza My Heart" 
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Pepper, Baby, Yummy Belles Highly productive plants load up early with thick-walled, plump and juicy 3 to 4 inch mini peppers that ripen quickly to bright orange. Sweet and delicious for fast snacks and salads or grilling. $2.99 Pepper, Container, Pizza My Heart Compact, early and prolific with thick-walled, cone-shaped 3 1/2 in. peppers. Crunchy and sweet with an occasional bit of mild spice. Delicious in salads, on top of pizza or grilled to succulence on the BBQ. $2.99        


Pumpkin, "Cinderella's Carriage"
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Pumpkins, "Holiday Mix"
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Pumpkins, Baby, "Mini Jack"
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 Pumpkin,Cinderella's Carriage Glowing red-orange, these large and beautiful antique French pumpkins have a wonderful flattened shape with deep rounded lobes just like a fairy tale illustration. $2.79 Pumpkins,Holiday Mix Exclusive - Grow two pumpkins with our color-coded seeds. Autumn Gold F-1 colors up early for beautiful 15-22 lb. Jack O'Lanterns. Early 6 lb. Spookie sugar pumpkins are ideal for pies or carving.  $2.79 Pumpkins, Baby,Mini Jack Exclusive - Easy to grow and reliable, these miniature baby pumpkins mature much earlier than their bigger cousins, with armfuls of 3 to 4 inch, deeply ribbed fruits. Welcome holiday decorations. $2.79


Pumpkin, Organic, Carving & Pie, "Spookie"
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Pumpkin, Giant, "Wyatt's Wonder"
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Pumpkin, Organic, "Rouge Vif d'Etampes"
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Pumpkin, Organic, Carving & Pie, Spookie Fast growing vines produce early, offering great yields of small & mid- pumpkins with rich sweet flesh. Great for carving jack-o'-lanterns and tasty holiday baking. $3.79 Pumpkin, Giant,Wyatt's Wonder Exclusive - Gorgeous, globe-shaped, deeply lobed, rich orange giants. Developed especially for impressive size and beauty, this prize winner  offers beautiful 70- 150 lb exhibition pumpkins. $2.99 Pumpkin, Organic, Rouge Vif d'Etampes French heirloom: brilliantly flame- colored "Cinderella" pumpkins whose eye-catching color, lovely shape and long keeping ability makes them a premium holiday favorite. $3.79

  Porcelain Doll F1 Pink Pumpkin
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pumpkin,pink, Porcelain Doll

Porcelain Doll's wonderful pink color makes it a real show stopper. This well bred beauty has very delicious, deep orange flesh, perfect for baked goods, soups or casseroles. These big beauties start out beige and then develop their color as they mature. Plants are mildew tolerant.

Renee's Garden donates $.50 from each Porcelain Doll packet sale to The Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation, created by pumpkin breeders and growers to aid in the fight against breast cancer. The Foundation provides grants to organizations involved in breast cancer research, and oversees the donations to ensure that the funds go directly to reputable organizations with the highest percentage of dollars spent on actual research in the US and Canada.

Packets contain approx. 10-12 seeds. $4.99 per packet


Certified Organic Potato Seed Potatoes


Growing your own potato crop gives you the opportunity for wonderful choices. Homegrown potatoes are delicious, easy to grow, nutrition-packed and high in fiber.  We are pleased and proud to offer only USDA virus indexed Certified Organic seed potatoes.

Available in spring, 2016

potato collections

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