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Chard, Container, "Pot of Gold"
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Chard, Organic,  "Garden Rainbow"
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Chard, Heirloom, "Italian Silver Rib"
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chard, gold, pot of gold

Exclusive- Delicious, reliable and highly ornamental, these vigorous plants have crunchy golden stems contrasting with deep green leaves. Perfect for containers or striking in mixed borders. $2.99 chard, organic, mixed colors, Garden Rainbow Exclusive- Colorful, long-standing heirloom with green leaves and crunchy stalks that show off in a rainbow colors, including red, pink, white, and gold. $3.79 chard, Italian Silver Rib width= Exclusive - Selected by discerning Italian cooks for its clean mellow flavor, these handsome vigorous plants have wide, silvery mid-ribs and crinkly, broad, deep green leaves. $2.79

Chard, Mixed, "Neon Glow" 
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Chard, Rainbow, "Bright Lights"
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Chard, Red, "Scarlet Charlotte"
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chard, mixed colors, Neon Glow Exclusive - Color combo of vivid Magenta Sunset and Golden Sunrise stalks that contrast beautifully with green savoyed leaves for bright color and great eating. Eye-catching, productive, and striking in both vegetable and flower beds. $2.99 chard, rainbow,Bright Lights AAS Winner! Highly ornamental, tender brightly colored stalks with mild sweet flavor in a rainbow of colors, all with succulent dark green leaves. $2.79 chard, red, Scarlet Charlotte Exclusive - This new variety of an American classic delights the eye and appetite with its crunchy magenta-red stalks which contrast perfectly with the sweet, green, savoyed leaves. $2.79

Chard,  "Peppermint Stick" 
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chard, pink striped, Peppermint Stick Exclusive - Eye-catching new chard with crispy stalks striped in hot pink and white and large, vibrant green leaves. Harvest at baby leaf stage or grow into beautiful, big-framed edible landscape plants. $2.99


Collards,  "Green Flash"  
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    collards, Green Flash Top yielding, vigorous hybrid whose tender, huge paddle-shaped leaves have excellent mild sweet flavor. Extremely high in fiber and vitamins. Bolt resistant for longer, more dependable harvests. $2.99    

Corn, Organic, Bi-Color  "Luscious"
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Corn, Early, Bi-Color, "Bon Jour"
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Corn, Early Sweet, "Casino"
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corn, Early & productive bicolor corn known for its great eating quality and high yields of plump ears whose sweet, tender kernels hold their succulent and sweetness after harvest. $3.99 corn, bi-color, Bon Jour Exclusive - Productive hybrid bi-color yields luscious ears of creamy-white and golden-yellow kernels a week before most other varieties. Ears stay sweet and tender for extended harvests. $2.99 corn, early sweet, Casino Exclusive - Easy to grow, vigorous and extra-early, Casino's big ears have tender golden kernels and an exceptional full sweet flavor. Does well in all conditions. $2.99

Corn, Early White "Sugar Pearls"
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corn, early white,Sugar Pearls Exclusive - Handsome ears of succulent kernels with the delicate, sweet, meltingly tender flavor available from the best white corn. Top eating quality and $2.99


 Cucumber, Baby Persian, "Green Fingers"
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Cucumber,  English "Chelsea Prize"
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Cucumber, "Garden Oasis"
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cucumber, persian,Green Fingers Exclusive - These delicious and prolific baby Persian cucumbers are smooth, cute little minis. Crispy, tender and ready to eat at just 3 to 5 inches long . Self- pollinating, disease resistant vines.  $3.19 cucumber, english, Chelsea Prize Exclusive - Elegantly slender, thin-skinned English cucumbers with absolutely delicious, crispy sweet flesh. Easy to digest. Self-pollinating, vigorous vines. $3.19

cucumber,Garden Oasis

Exclusive - Extra-sweet, burpless, uniquely smooth-skinned Beit alpha cucumber renowned for quality throughout the Mediterranean basin. High yields of glossy fruits with refreshing juicy-sweet flesh. $2.79


Cucumber, Organic, Chinese "Suyo Long"
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Cucumber, "Bush Slicer"
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Cucumber, Organic, "Tasty Treat"  
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cucumber,organic, chinese, Suyo Long Asian heirloom cucumber producing lots of long, slender and ribbed, burpless deep green cukes with a fine delicate flavor and crispy texture that cucumber lovers will treasure. $3.79 cucumber, Exclusive - Juicy slicing cucumbers in record time on disease resistant, dwarf bushes, perfect for small space or container gardens. The 6 to 8 inches long fruits have smooth, tender skin and sweet, crisp flesh. $2.99

cucumber, organic, Tasty Treat

Thin-skinned with crisp, mild, juicy flesh, these “burpless” cucumbers never need peeling. Long, perfectly straight fruits on vigorous vines that produce right until frost. $3.99

Cucumber, "Heirloom Armenian"
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Cucumber, "Heirloom Lemon"
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Cucumber, Japanese "Tasty Green"
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cucumber, Armenian These distinctive bitter- free heirlooms have creamy, pale-green, long, ridged fruits with a crisp, juicy texture and need no peeling. Heavy yielders thrive in hot summer areas. a.k.a. Yard-long Cucumbers. $2.79 cucumber, Lemon Favorites for over 100 years, Lemon cukes effortlessly produce loads of fruit just the color, size and shape of pale lemons. They have a mild, sweet flavor, crisp texture and non-bitter, thin skins. $2.79

cucumber, Japanese, Tasty Green

Thin- skinned, long "burpless" hybrid Japanese cucumbers combine sweet taste & crispy texture. Slender 12 inch fruits on vigorous, early bearing vines with long and reliable harvests. $3.19

Cucumber, Pickling/Kirby, "Endeavor"
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Cucumber, Organic, "Straight Eight"
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cucumber, pickling, Endeavor

Exclusive - Our early, disease resistant, pickling cuke is a kitchen garden dynamo, producing extended harvests of dark green, crispy fruits to put up many jars of favorite treats.  $2.79

cucumber, organic,Straight Eight

Classic American heirloom whose vigorous leafy vines bear good crops of juicy slicing cucumbers with a crunchy texture and mild, sweet flavor. $3.79




Eggplant, "Asian Trio"
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Eggplant, Organic, "Asian Mix"
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Eggplant, "Italian Trio"
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eggplant, Asian Trio

Exclusive - Color-coded seeds for 3 kinds of slender cylindrical Asian varieties.  Dark purple Farmers Long, lavender/white Asian Bride and  magenta Charming. Creamy, smooth-tasting, extra-early fruits.    $3.19

eggplant, organic, Asian Mix

Our blend of 3 early bearing varieties with heavy clusters of purple, green or white fruits shaped like chubby fat fingers. Flavor is truly luscious, with mild & nutty- tasting flesh. $3.79

eggplant, Italian Trio

Exclusive - Our trio of color-coded seeds for succulent Italian fresh market eggplants combines purple-black "Nadia"; gorgeous magenta "Beatrice"; and rose & white "Rosa Bianca"  $2.99

Eggplant, Container "Little Prince"
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Eggplant, Italian Heirloom, "Violetta Lunga" NEW FOR 2016
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eggplant,Little Prince

Exclusive - Compact plants producing abundant glossy, 3-4 inch oval fruits in shiny clusters on attractive plants with velvety leaves and lavender blossoms. An edible landscaping dynamo. $2.79

Early bearing and prolific Italian favorite whose elongated dark purple fruits are almost seedless with flesh that is especially mild, nutty flavored and sweet. Wonderful grilled, baked or sautéed.

Fennel,  Organic, Bulbing "Romanesco"
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Fennel, Bulbing, "Trieste"
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Italian heirloom grows easily & reliably produces plump green oval bulbs with feathery tops. The crispy, sweet anise flesh is perfect for versatile salads, dips, or to roast, sauté or grill. $3.79

fennel, Trieste

Exclusive - New weather-resistant, refined French hybrid bred for large rounded bulbs with crunchy succulent flesh and sweet anise flavor. Great fresh in salads or cooked.  $2.99


Gourds, Specialty, "Wings and Warts"
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Gourds, Large, "Crafter's Mix"
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Gourds, "Bath Loofah"
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gourd, Wings and Warts

Whimsical 5-6 inch gourds, either smooth-skinned with unique winged bulbs, or warted and shaped like spoons, pears or globes, all in artful combinations of rich harvest colors.  $2.79

gourd, Crafter's Mix

Exclusive - Our custom blend offers abundant large smooth gourds to craft into beautiful vessels and ornaments. "Giant Birdhouse", "Big Dipper" and "Corsican" vines can trail on a trellis. $3.19 gourd, Bath Loofah Handsome and easy to grow vining gourds. At maturity, the sponge-like loofah interiors make marvelous skin scrubbers for stimulating and improving skin tone in bath or shower. $2.99


Greens, "California Spicy Salad"
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Greens,  "Renee's Beet and Chard Braising Mix"
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Greens, "Renee's Stirfry Mix"
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greens, California Spicy Salad

Exclusive - A beautifully balanced mix of piquant salad leaves to eat alone or mix with mild-flavored lettuces. Includes Arugula, Curly Endive, Red Mustard and Mizuna. $2.79

greens, Beet and Chard Braising Mix

Exclusive. Our blend of succulent greens, a mix of green & red leaf beets with silver & gold leaf chards. Eat as baby salad or grow for cooking greens; this tasty, tender mix is rich tasting and delicious either way. $2.99

greens, Renee's Stirfry Mix

Exclusive - Our own signature blend of 4 leafy Asian greens - Red Mustard, Mizspoona, Pac Choi, Asian Red Kale. An appetizing and colorful mix for fast, easy and nutritious meals full of well-balanced fresh flavors. $2.99

Greens, "Crispy Winter Salad"
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Greens, Organic Mustard, "Cut & Come Again"
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 Greens, Frisée  "Glory"
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greens,Crispy Winter Salad

Exclusive - Our special blend of frilly Glory endive, satiny crisp Elysee escarole, and piquant deep magenta Presto radicchio to plant in late summer for fantastic, long-lasting cold-weather salad. $2.99

greens,organic, mustard,Cut and Come Again

Our signature blend of the best tasting, quick- growing smooth & frilled leafy mustards. A perfect quick crop for continuous cool season zesty salads or nutritious and flavorful stirfries. $3.79

greens, frisee,Glory

Exclusive - Rosettes of frisée, a.k.a. curly endive, make delicious cool season salads, adding body, crispness and nutty flavor. This fine French variety has extra finely cut, lacy leaves, delicate crispy ribs and creamy hearts. $3.19

Greens,  "Mild Mustard Mix"
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Greens,  Organic, "Quick Stirfry Blend"
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 Greens, Asian "Rosette Tatsoi"
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greens,Mild Mustard Mix

Exclusive - Our balanced mix of 4 different mild mustards, from upright and smooth to crinkly and curly. Ideal for fast-growing, tasty and nutritious cool-season greens or salads. $2.79

greens, organic,Stirfry Blend

Exclusive - Our fast-growing leafy blend to give you all the colors, flavors & shapes needed for perfectly balanced quick and easy stirfries. Includes: mizuna, mispoona, mild mustards & Russian kale. $3.79 greens, asian, Tatsoi Exclusive - Grows quickly and easily into flat rosettes of deep green, teardrop shaped leaves with mild flavor that is sweeter than other Asian greens. A vitamin and anti-oxidant rich powerhouse. $2.99


Greens, Mustard, "Ruby & Emerald Streaks"
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Our mix of feathery ruby and emerald salad mustards is fast growing and as pretty as a picture with a delicious tart but mild flavor that really livens up any salad. $3.99    





seed garlic

Garlic and Shallots

Growing great garlic is both easy and rewarding for beginning and experienced gardeners alike. In most of the country, garlic is planted in the fall by sowing the individual cloves from whole heads of "seed garlic." Each clove will sprout into a plant that resembles a big scallion, then these seedlings are mulched and will overwinter to then grow vigorously the next spring. The plant that grows from each clove will produce a complete full head of garlic at harvest – an always wonderful and rewarding multiplying trick, courtesy of Mother Nature.

Our garlic stock comes from a small grower in Bakersfield, California who raises top-quality "seed" garlic heads to sell to other farmers and we are proud to share his fine varieties. Each is sold in 1/2 lb. quantities, consisting of 4-6 full heads, which you break apart into 45-50 fat individual cloves of garlic for planting. View and Order Garlic/Shallots  

French Shallots

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