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Beans,  Organic, Bush "Provider"
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Beans, Bush, French, "Rolande"
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Beans, Bush, "Improved Roma"
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Bean, Organic, Bush Provider

Heirloom whose long, rounded, crispy green pods have rich meaty flavor. Pods are born in abundance on vigorous plants. Great tasting, highly productive and reliable variety. $3.79


Extra-slim, long deep green filet or "haricot vert" snap beans. A fine French delicacy with superb taste. Refined introduction with extra-crispy texture. $2.99

Beans, Bush, Improved Roma

Exclusive - Early bearing variety selected for great taste and improved yields. The vigorous bush plants bear heavy harvests of flat, wide, 5 inch long, stringless green pods with a distinctively rich "beany" flavor. $2.79

 Beans,  Organic, Bush "Royalty Purple Pod"
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Beans, Bush,  "Tricolor Bush"
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Beans, Bush, "Slenderette"
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Bean, Royalty Purple Pod

Long time favorite whose dark purple pods stand out against green foliage, making picking easy. Productive in a wide range of climates & soils. Tops for flavor, versatility & easy harvesting. $3.79

Beans, Tricolor Bush

Exclusive - A blend of three colors of bush beans for a space-saving rainbow of flavor and color in the garden and at the table. Sturdy, vigorous varieties. Equal parts: Golden Roc d'Or, Purple Queen, Green Slenderette Bush Beans  $2.99

Beans, Bush, Slenderette

Exclusive - The sleek rounded pods of gourmet quality Slenderette are particularly tender, juicy, and sweet tasting with no tough tips or fiber. Vigorous, productive plants bear delectable, bright green, 5 inch pods early in the season. $2.79

Beans, Baby Bush, "Nickel Filet"
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 Beans,  Bush "Roc d'Or" 
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Beans, Bush, Container, "French  Mascotte" NEW FOR 2016
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Bean, Nickel Filet

Gourmet beans originally developed for upscale restaurants, with tender-sweet, 3 to 4 inch pods borne in abundance on compact plants. Extra fancy beans need only brief cooking and little adornment. $2.99

Bean, Organic,Roc D'Or

French variety produces the best tasting yellow beans available: long, rounded, sunny-yellow pods with a delicate and buttery flavor. Plants are vigorous bearers with good resistance to bean viruses. $3.79

Exclusive. The first true container green bean, perfect for pots and small gardens. Fast-growing,  compact plants are disease-resistant and heavy yielding with bean pods borne at the tops of the plants. $3.19

Beans, Organic, Pole "Blue Lake"
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Beans, Pole, Filet, "Emerite" 
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Beans, Organic Pole, Filet, "Emerite"
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Bean, Organic, Blue Lake Pole

Treasured heirloom vines climb effortlessly to yield big harvests of tender, juicy dark green bean pods over a long season. Exceptionally reliable with great flavor and consistent quality. $3.79

Beans, Pole, Filet, Emerite

Elegant, classic French "haricot verts" pole beans with especially slim, long rounded pods. Flavor is beany-sweet, delicate, and Emerite's tall vines are vigorous and high yielding. Perfect for gourmet gardeners. $2.99 Beans,Organic, French Emerite Exclusive. Long and elegant French filet pole beans offer extra-fancy pods with a beany-sweet, delicate flavor and a crispy snap that makes them especially delicious. High yielding, very productive vines. $3.99

Beans, Pole, Filet, "French Gold"
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Beans, Organic Pole, Filet, "French Gold"
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Beans,  Organic Pole"Mama's Cannellini" 
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Bean, French Gold

These hard-to-find, handsome yellow beans are true "haricot verts": classically slim, round 7 to 9 inch pods with delicate, sweet flavor and a crispy snap. Especially choice eating. Heavy bearing, vigorous vines. $2.99

Bean, Organic, French Gold Filet
Exclusive. Golden-yellow long, slim juicy French filet pole beans with fine sweet flavor. Sunny pods stand out from green vines for easy harvesting. Great garden performance and yield over a long season. $3.79 Bean, Mama's Cannellini
Classic Minestrone bean, a.k.a. fagioli or haricot blanc. Shiny white beans prized for smooth, meaty texture and dense, nutty flavor. Vitamin rich with high protein and fiber. Savor in soups and stews. $3.99

Beans, Pole"Rattlesnake & Purple"
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Beans, Pole, Spanish, "Musica"
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Beans, Pole"Rich Purple Pod"
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Beans, Pole, Rattlesnake & Purple

Heirloom mix: the pretty patterned Rattlesnake beans are delicious as fresh pods or for dried beans. Purple pods are renowned for tenderness, flavor and reliability and their color stands out from vines. $2.99 Beans, Pole, Spanish, Musica

Crunchy, broad, long green pods. Early bearing vines and extremely productive with outstanding beany-sweet flavor. Popular in France and typical in Spain. The best pole bean we've eaten. $2.99 Bean, Organic, Rich Purple Pod

Treasured purple pole beans renowned for flavor, yield and reliability. These crunchy deep purple pods stand out against the green leafy vines, making them fun and easy to pick. Antioxidant rich. $3.79

Beans, Pole"Tricolor"
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Beans, Pole, Tricolor

Exclusive - A blend of three colors of pole beans (Blue Lake, Yellow Pole Wax, Purple Peacock) that makes good use of limited space. Extended heavy harvests of delicious gold, green and purple pods. $2.99


Beans, Fresh Soy, "Edamame"
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Beans, Fava, "Robin Hood"
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Beans, Fresh Soy, Edamame

Our fresh Edamame's flavor is nutty, buttery and irresistible. These widely adapted bush plants offer consistent high yields of large pods with 3 to 4 delicious beans per pod. $2.99 Bean, English Fava, Robin Hood
A fine new English variety that produces especially succulent fava beans high in protein, fiber and rich in vitamins A and C. These bushy plants produce early and don’t need staking. $3.19


Beet, "Baby Ball"
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Beet, Organic, Dutch "Red Baron"
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Beet, Organic, "Striped Chioggia"
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Beets, Baby Ball

Perfectly rounded, petite crimson beets with fine tips, mellow sweet taste and delicious healthful greens. Early to harvest. Pick at baby size or maturity. $2.79

Beets, Organic, Dutch Red Baron

Exclusive - Deep red, globe-shaped beets with smooth skinned, rich flavor and nice leafy tops. Long keeping, fine tasting Dutch variety to pull as baby beets or grow to full maturity. $3.99

Beet, Organic, Striped Chioggia

Italian heirloom with bright, candy-red exteriors & interior flesh beautifully marked in alternating rings of cherry red and white. Delicious sweet flavor & fine texture. Great tasting leafy tops. $3.79

Beet, "Gourmet Golden"
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Beets, "Jewel Toned Blend"
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Beets, "Five Color Rainbow"  NEW FOR 2016
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Beets, Golden

Golden beets are a beautiful golden-orange color throughout. They stay tender-fleshed and particularly sweet and mild in taste, whether pulled very young or allowed to size up. Cooks love them. $3.19

Beets, Jewel Toned Blend

Exclusive - Our blend of burgundy Red Sangria, Golden and candy-striped Chioggia beets yields bountiful harvests with tender texture, sweet earthy flavor and rich glowing colors. $2.99

Gorgeous five-color mix is a visual knockout in both garden and kitchen. Enjoy as sweet baby beets & let the rest size up. Includes deep purple, orange-yellow, candy-striped, cerise & white. $3.19


Broccoli, "All Season Blend"
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Broccoli , Early, Organic, "Batavia"
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Broccoli, All Season Blend
Exclusive - A mix of 3 top-quality hybrids for a continuous early, medium and late season of harvesting with tightly beaded, crunchy heads and plentiful side shoots. Disease and weather resistant $3.19

Broccoli, Organic, Early Batavia

Exclusive. Vigorous early broccoli with nutty sweet flavor. Large central heads are followed by multiple side shoots for extended harvests. Strong disease resistance and great garden performance. $3.99


Broccoli Raab, Organic, "Early Rapini"
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Broccoli Raab, "Super Rapini"
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Broccoli Raab, Organic, Early Rapini

Cool season Italian heirloom whose delicious dark green shoots, buds and leaves taste like broccoli with a real flavor punch. Vitamin- rich and very productive.$3.79

Broccoli Raab, Super Rapini

Delicious and early harvesting Italian heirloom greens with piquant flavor. A Mediterranean specialty for great gourmet cooking. Our Italian supplier's best selection. $2.99  


Brussels Sprouts, "Hestia"
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Extra-fancy variety bred for flavor and productivity offers heavy yields of solid, crunchy, bright green sprouts. Plants are burst and rot resistant and easily withstand early frosts for extended harvesting.  $3.19  


Cabbage, Baby Napa, "Little Jade"
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Cabbage, Baby, "Pixie"
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Cabbage, Baby Napa, Little Jade
Exclusive -  Mini Napa or “Chinese” cabbage with juicy, tangy-sweet flesh and cool, crispy texture. Extremely vigorous, with excellent disease resistance. Plants form dense, vase-shaped 8-10 inch heads. $2.99 Cabbage, Baby, Pixie
Space- saving, early maturing baby variety quickly forms compact, dense 5-6 inch heads with excellent sweet flavor. A perfect size for everyday meals. Can take both heat and frosty weather. $2.99


Carrot, French, "Bolero"
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Carrot, Tricolor "Circus Circus"
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Carrot, "King Midas"
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Carrot, French, Bolero  Well-bred new hybrid Nantes carrots. Slender, 6 to 7 inches, perfectly cylindrical shape with consistent sweet flavor and beautiful deep orange color. $2.79 Carrots, Tri-color, Circus Circus
Exclusive - Our trio of cool carrot colors includes creamy white, bright orange and a deep, dark purple with orange centers. All 3 well bred Dutch varieties are sweet tasting, crisp and smooth. $3.19 Carrot, King Midas Exclusive - These vigorous roots grow steadily into smooth, nearly coreless 8 to 9 in. beauties with rich carrot flavor. they have the deep orange flesh that indicates an especially high level of health enhancing beta-carotene. $2.79

Carrot, Organic, Nantes "Starica"
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Carrot, Gourmet,  "Round Romeo"
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Carrot, Organic,  "Rotild"
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Carrot, Organic, Starica
Exclusive - Easy to grow, crunchy-sweet Dutch carrots with fine textured, sweet tasting orange flesh. Perfect all round carrot for snacks, salads, juice or sautés. $3.79 Carrot, Gourmet, Round Romeo

Exclusive - Petite ball-shaped carrots withoth skins that need no peeling, sweet flavor ad crunchy texture. Romeo is widely adapted and doesn't need deeply prepared soil. $2.99 Carrot, Organic, Rotild  Exclusive - Fine Nantes carrot has classic long, cylindrical shape with blunt ends. This widely adopted variety is reliable to grow with great flavor and crispy orange flesh. $3.79

Carrot, "Sunshine Orange and Yellow"
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Carrot, French, "Baby Babette"
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Carrot, Rainbow, "Purple Sun"
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Carrot, Sunshine Orange & Yellow Exclusive - We've mixed two colorful varieties (Yellowstone & Nantes Forto) to sow in late summer or spring to yield bountiful, healthful crops of sweet, crunchy, deep orange and sunny yellow carrots. $2.99 Carrot, French, Baby Babette
French Nantes hybrid finger-carrots bred for early color, even cylindrical shape, high yields and delicious taste. Great baby carrots. $2.99
Great-looking, plump dark purple carrots from Holland grow vigorously, combining wonderful rich color with excellent sweet flavor and crisp texture. Loaded with healthy antioxidants and delicious raw or cooked. $3.19


Carrots, Rainbow Mix, "Harlequin" NEW FOR 2016
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Cauliflower, "Amazing Taste"  
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Celeriac/Celery Root
, "Prinz "  NEW FOR 2016
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Exclusive - Our mix of great tasting, early maturing carrots in a kaleidoscope of fun colors: orange, yellow, white and purple. Each color tastes subtly different and all are first-rate for eating and juicing. $3.19

Cauliflower, Amazing Taste Exclusive - Outstanding early Dutch hybrid produces dense heads of tender, creamy white curds with superb mild, nutty sweet flavor. Strong outer wrapper leaves protect both head quality and color. $3.19

Exclusive -  Prinz offers nutty, sweet flavor, fine texture and reliable, big yields that hold for extended harvesting. The knobby roots white flesh tastes like mild celery and parsley. $3.19

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