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certified organic seed potatoesGrowing your own potato crop gives you the opportunity for wonderful choices. Homegrown potatoes are delicious, easy to grow, nutrition-packed and high in fiber. Best of all, a medium potato has no more calories than an apple.

We are pleased and proud to offer only USDA virus indexed Certified Organic seed potatoes, grown for us by Jim and Megan Gerritsen, who have been growing organic potatoes at their farm in Maine for over 20 years. The Gerritsen family is renowned for both their growing expertise and the quality of their potatoes.

Every order includes our "Potato Growing Guide," with step-by-step planting, growing and harvest information. Potatoes are shipped directly from the farm in Maine (weather permitting in transit) at the right time for spring planting in your climate zone.
See Shipping Chart.  Sorry, we cannot ship potatoes to Canada.

Sold in 1 lb. bags, which plants about a 10 foot garden row.
Pricing: 1 lb. bag - $14.25    Heirlooms: 1lb. - $16.25
 $3.65 non-seed shipping surcharge added to all potato orders

Individual Potato VarietiesRenee's Garden Potato Patches

Individual Potato Varieties

Heirloom Fingerling Russian Banana

Heirloom Fingerling Rose Fir

heirloom fingerling russian banana potatoThese cute oblong fingerling potatoes originally came from the Baltic region of Northeastern Europe. Tender Russian Banana potatoes have thin skins with firm, buttercream colored delicious flesh. They range in size from 3 to 4 inches long, with dense flesh that cooks up solid, keeps its shape well and slices neatly.

These gourmet fingerlings have a rich, chestnut-y flavor and waxy texture perfect in potato salads. You'll love them slowly roasted with whole garlic cloves, steamed to serve hot and fragrant with butter and rosemary or parboiled to skewer for the barbecue. Russian Bananas are heavy producers, good keepers, widely adapted and drought tolerant. Late: 95-125 days

Available in January 2017

heirloom fingerling rose fir potatoThis treasured heirloom, a particular favorite of restaurant chefs, has attractive rosy-beige skin and deep yellow flesh. The elongated tubers are shaped like big fat stubby fingers, sized from 3 to 4 inches long. Rose Fir’s flesh looks already buttered, and the flavor is sweet and quite nutty, with a dense texture.

These prized fingerlings cook quickly when steamed, boiled or roasted. Enjoy simply prepared as their superb flavor stands on its own. Rose Fir tubers often set near the surface, so hill plants up well and you’ll be rewarded with an abundance. Late – 95 125 days

Available in January 2017

Rose Gold

Heirloom Cranberry Red

rose gold potatoPotato lovers agree: Rose Gold is the best and most reliable red skinned, golden fleshed potato. This versatile favorite produces oval, medium to large rosy-red tubers that are heavy for their size with fine tasting, deep yellow flesh. Rose Gold is an all-purpose variety that offers superb flavor no matter how the plump potatoes are prepared.

Rose Gold tubers are great for roasting or baking and also make tender, fluffy steamed or mashed potatoes. With their “already buttered” flesh, they are perfect to use for salads that appeal to both the eyes and palate. You’ll enjoy their nutty flavor and creamy consistency in soups, casseroles and stews. In the garden, productive Rose Gold potatoes have good scab resistance and grow semi-upright. Midseason 80-95 days

Available in January 2017

cranberry red potatoCranberry Red produces medium to large sized potatoes with brilliant red skin and rose-swirled flesh. They are perfect to harvest early, at 1 to 2 inches in diameter, then quickly steam for a succulent feast of new potatoes. Serve with a little sweet butter and chopped dill or Italian parsley, or cook with baby peas for a true gardener’s celebration.

Cranberry Red potatoes keep their pretty bright color when cooked and make a gorgeous potato salad. Harvesting those little new potatoes early won’t mean fewer big ones later either, because Cranberry Red offers strong yields and stores well, so you can enjoy their delicious flavor and texture for months. Scab resistant. Somewhat drought tolerant. Midseason: 80-95 days

Available in January 2017

Dark Red Norland

Yukon Gold

Norland PotatoesThese large, rounded potatoes have deep red, almost burgundy colored skins and contrasting bright white flesh. A good choice to dig for pretty little red skinned baby potatoes early, then let plants produce bigger full-size potatoes for later harvest.

Dark Red Norland tastes moist and smooth with a sweet, delicate flavor and they make great tasting mashed potatoes. These vigorous plants produce big, round to oblong, slightly flattened potatoes with shallow eyes that bulk up rapidly for early harvests. You'll relish them for weeks whether you eat them simply boiled, mashed, hashed or in potato salads. Dark Red Norland potatoes are widely adapted, and store very well. Early: 60-75 days

Available in January 2017

yukon gold potato

Tender, moist flesh and buttery flavor have made Yukon Gold a nationwide favorite. Their smooth yellow skins and nutty flesh result from a cross between yellow and white varieties; a perfect marriage for taste and versatility. Yukon Gold potatoes are great for anyone who loves potatoes but wants to avoid butter or margarine because their natural buttery flavor and color is "built in." They also seem to need less seasoning than white potatoes.
Enjoy Yukon Golds every way you can think of: mashed, boiled, grilled, fried, roasted or in soups, stews, casseroles and chowders. This great all round variety is high yielding and somewhat drought tolerant. Early: 60-75 days

Available in January 2017


King Harry

carola potatoThese medium-sized, smooth-skinned potatoes are the truly “butterless” potato because their melt-in-your-mouth tender flesh is a rich, golden color that looks and tastes already buttered. Carolas are originally from Germany where yellow potatoes are preferred.

These yellow-fleshed potatoes have moist, creamy-sweet flesh and satisfying texture; a favorite for oven roasting to a rich golden-brown, as well as grilling, steaming, mashing or frying. They add sensational flavor and texture to soups and stews. Carolas produce heavy yields of abundant tubers until frost. A good choice for container growing if space is limited. Excellent keepers. Late: 95-125 days

Available in January 2017

This fine Irish-style potato, developed at Cornell University, withstands adverse conditions well and is more resistant to Colorado potato beetles, flea beetles and potato leafhoppers than other varieties because of its unique hairy leaves.

Well-bred King Harry potatoes have golden yellow skins and white flesh with a waxy and slightly moist texture that tastes delicious either boiled and baked. For a lunchtime treat, we just microwave a big King Harry potato to enjoy its nutty-tasting flesh as a simple and very satisfying meal. High yields of large, blight resistant potatoes that store well. Midseason: 80-95 days

Available in January 2017

  All Blue


all blue potatoAll Blue potatoes have an elongated shape, almost solid purple/blue flesh and better flavor than other blue varieties. The natural blue pigment has extremely high levels of anthocyanin, the potent antioxidant that can help reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

All Blue offers good table quality whether baked, boiled or fried and makes a spectacular blue potato salad. For a real stunner, serve a plate of steamed potato slices alternating deep colored All Blue with Cranberry Red, our red fleshed variety. Midseason: 80-95 days

Available in January 2017

butte potatoBred from the original Russell Burbank, Butte offers strong yields with higher  vitamin C and protein content than other varieties. Enjoy them as steaming hot, flaky baked potatoes - the best kind of nourishing comfort food.

These strong plants produce abundant big tubers with the russeted skin and delicious dry, fluffy white flesh that characterizes a perfect baking potato. Ideal to grate for delectable potato pancakes and unbeatable fluffy mashed potatoes as well. A great potato for small gardens, offering substantial yields of nutritious tubers that store well for a long season of eating pleasure. Early: 60-75 days

Available in January 2017



carola potatoThese handsome, large, rounded potatoes have deep-violet skin and delicious creamy-white smooth flesh. A good choice if you like to dig little baby potatoes early, then let the plants produce bigger full-size potatoes for later digging.

Caribes are meltingly tender, with superb flavor. They make perfect light and fluffy mashed potatoes. When simply steamed, Caribes taste moist and smooth with a sweet, delicate flavor. These vigorous plants produce big tubers that bulk up rapidly for early harvests you will relish for weeks. Caribe is drought-tolerant and grow almost anywhere. Early: 60-75 days

Available in January 2017



Renee's Potato Patches

We know it’s hard to choose between them, so here are 4 different pre-selected combinations to grow with a 25% discount.

main dish potato patch

The Main Dish Potato Patch #1 - 4 varieties
One pound each of baker Butte, all purpose Carola, creamer Heirloom Cranberry Red and Heirloom Fingerling Russian Banana.


Available in January 2017

main dish potato patch #2
The Main Dish Potato Patch #2 - 4 varieties
One pound each of creamer Dark Red Norland, all purpose Yukon Gold, masher King Harry, and yellow fleshed Carola.

Available in January 2017

solid gold potato patch
The Solid Gold Potato Patch - 4 varieties

1 pound each of our “already buttered,” golden fleshed potatoes: heirloom fingerling Heirloom Russian Banana, Yukon Gold, Carola and Rose Gold.


Available in January 2017

rainbow potato patch
The Rainbow Potato Patch - 4 varieties
One pound each of rich Dark Red Norland, indigo All Blue, yellow fleshed Carola and brilliant Heirloom Cranberry Red.


Available in January 2017

all american potato patch
The All American Potato Patch - 3 varieties

One pound each of creamy Heirloom Cranberry Red, tender white King Harry and indigo-blue All Blue.


Available in January 2017




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