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The very best way to get a head start on bulb onions' long growing season is to begin with pre-started plants. Onions grown this way can get ahead of the weeds and bulb up and keep much better than store-bought "sets". We're pleased to offer top quality onion plants painstakingly grown, harvested and shipped to you directly from Dixondale onion ranch in Texas. These fine family farmers have been producing onion transplants since 1913 and are widely recognized experts in onion culture.

Your vigorous baby onion plants will ship just after being freshly lifted from the growing fields. On arrival, they look like little scallions. Don't worry if they seem a little pale looking after being shipped – they'll green right up after planting. Plant them out according to the directions in the Onion Planting Guide (included). Onion plants are sold in bunches of approximately 5 dozen plants for big harvests of firm crispy onion bulbs.

Shipping:  Plants are shipped directly from the grower, depending on your climate zone and transit weather conditions, beginning the second week of December through April or Early May. Allow 7-10 days in transit. Sorry onion plants cannot be sent to Hawaii or Canada.   See Shipping Chart
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 Rainbow Onion Samplers | Specialty and Heirloom | Sweet and Mild | All Purpose | Long Keeping | Planting Chart


Especially for our customers, we've had our grower Bruce Frasier put together these handsome combinations, so you can enjoy their diversity in every part of the US. Each sampler is made up of equal amounts of crispy yellow, wine-red and pure white onions, with varieties customized to the day length of your region, so your onions will begin to bulb up at the right time for best harvesting.

Southern Rainbow Onion Sampler
Short Day Areas

Mid-Tier Rainbow Onion Sampler
Intermediate Day Areas

A mix of white-skinned Texas Early White, red- skinned Red Creole, and yellow-skinned Texas Supersweet.

 5 dozen plants $16.45

 A mix of yellow-skinned Candy, red-skinned Red Candy Apple, and white-skinned Superstar.

  5 dozen plants $16.45

Northern Rainbow Onion Sampler for Long Day Areas

A mix of yellow-skinned Walla Walla, red-skinned Redwing, white-skinned Ringmaster.

   5 dozen plants $16.45


Borettana Heirloom Cippolini
(110 days from transplant)
long day

These pretty little Italian heirlooms have a flattened spherical shape and look just like rosy-bronze glossy buttons, each about 2 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick. They have firm, fine-grained flesh, well-developed flavor and satiny skins. Cippolinis are traditionally served whole, braised in a sweet and sour sauce or marinated in a balsamic vinaigrette.

You'll also find them delicious roasted whole in butter or olive oil, threaded on skewers for kebabs or used as pretty little boiling onions. When cooked, they really sweeten up and caramelize to a beautiful color. These intermediate/long day little onions will store well for about five months. 5 dozen plants $16.45

Heirloom Italian Torpedo Tropea
(110 days from transplant)
long and intermediate day

This wonderful old Italian specialty onion is originally from Tropea, the Calabrian town in Italy known for its superb cuisine. Italian torpedo onions can be used in any stage. When pulled as baby onions, just as the stems start to swell, their beautiful, bright magenta color, mild flavor and crunchy texture shines in salads.
When they bulb up, they have a elongated torpedo shape and develop deep pungent flavor, delicious sautéed as a colorful base for any dish, roasted whole, barbecued on skewers or adding color and punch to sandwiches. These uniquely shaped, old-fashioned onions belong in everyone's kitchen garden. Stores well for about 3 months after harvest.
5 dozen plants $16.45 

Red Marble Heirloom Cippolini
(90 days from transplant)
long and intermediate day

Hybrid little red Cippolinis have the same flattened spherical shape as Borettana Cippolini, but they are a wonderful rich, ruby red color and their handsome dark red coloration goes deep into the rings. The 2 inch in diameter, 1 inch thick glossy mini-onions have fine fleshed texture and slightly pungent flavor.

They make especially beautiful pearl onions, or use them in colorful stir fries, on the barbecue, or in general cooking. These glossy little intermediate/long day onions store well for about five months. 5 dozen plants $16.45


Walla Walla Sweet
(80 – 85 days from transplant)
for long and intermediate day

Long celebrated for their succulent, sweet, mild flesh, Walla Walla Sweets have been favorites since the early 1900s when they were originally brought here from France. These big, yellow, semi-flat yellow skin bulbs have crunchy white flesh that is simply delicious either raw or cooked. We like them just baked in their own papery skins like a russet potato - they are that good!

Walla Walla plants will produce harvests all over the long and intermediate day areas of the country, but pungency will vary depending on your climate and garden soil. They are short keepers, so enjoy them for 4 to 6 weeks after harvest for their exceptional flavor. 5 dozen plants $16.45  

Yellow Granex Super Sweet 
(100 days from transplant)
for short day

This is the really sweet variety grown in both Vidalia, Georgia and Maui, Hawaii, then marketed by those place names as Vidalia or Maui onions. These semi-flattened, big, fat, crispy hybrid onions are so mild that you can eat them out of hand. Juicy slices are really scrumptious on burgers.

Our grower ships over 100 million of these plants to be transplanted in Vidalia every year. While they may not grow as sweet in your own garden soil, you're sure to enjoy them. With their paper thin skins, these onions keep for only up to a month, but by that time they'll be all gone!
 5 dozen plants $16.45


Red Candy Apple
(95 days from transplant)
intermediate day

These beautiful globe-shaped hybrid red onions, aptly named Red Candy Apple, form slightly flattened bulbs with absolutely glowing magenta-red skins and sweet, slightly pungent flesh. Plants grow steadily and produce bountiful harvests of firm and uniform 3 inch bulbs in short and intermediate day areas. To size up in long day areas, Red Candy Apple will need extra nitrogen-rich fertilizer applications.

These crispy beauties cook up very well, holding their body and color in any way you decide to enjoy them. Delicious in salads, sandwiches, on pizzas and with breakfast potatoes. Red Candy Apple onions will keep well for about two months after harvest. 5 dozen plants $16.45

Candy All-Purpose Yellow
(90 days from transplant)
intermediate day

This handsome, bronze-skinned hybrid onion grows successfully just about all over the country and it's the perfect onion to try if you haven't grown them before. All-purpose Candy produces big, softball sized, globe-shaped onions, with a mild onion flavor and firm crispy yellow flesh that is delicious raw or cooked. Candy onions caramelize beautifully when chopped and sautéed.

Candy onions are particularly easy to grow with excellent disease resistance and a strong, vigorous root system. These big solid onions will keep crisp and firm for about three months after harvest.
5 dozen plants $16.45 


Redwing Long Keeping Red
(100 – 110 days from transplant)
long day

These big , 3-4 inch, globe-shaped hybrid onions have beautiful glossy skins and dark red to rich deep purple flesh that adds crunch and color to any dish. Cut them into lavish crispy red ring slices for wonderful sandwiches, in salads or with juicy hamburgers. They're also perfect for potato and pasta salads, in chili, hearty chili and in any kind of salsa.

Redwing onions have dense, solid slightly pungent flesh. String up a bunch to grace your kitchen until needed at the table or stove. After harvest, these beauties continue to develop internal deep purple color and store well so you can use them for 6 to 8 months. 5 dozen plants $16.45


Copra Long Keeping
(110 days from transplant)
long day

Copra is the best variety for gardeners in the Northeast, and Northern parts of the Midwest who want rich, full flavored onions for extended storage. Hybrid Copra has layered bronze wrapper skins that stay intact, protecting the dense yellow flesh.

These uniform, globe-shaped 3 inch bulbs are pungent and full-flavored main dish onions, well-suited to a wide range of stewing, sautéing, and baking uses and a top choice for homemade onion rings and long cooking soups and stews. Excellent keepers, easy to grow and rot resistant, crispy Copra will be your staple at a storage potential of 9 to 12 months.
 5 dozen plants $16.45  

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