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 Marjoram, "Sweet" 
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    Marjoram,Sweet The leafy green sprigs of this mounding Mediterranean herb have a complex sweet pungency. A versatile kitchen companion for a wide range of everyday cooking. $2.79





 Oregano, Organic "White Blossom Greek"
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Oregano, "Italian Heirloom" Perennial
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Oregano, "True Greek"  Perennial
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Hardy heirloom plants grow easily into mounds of pungent little blue-green leaves that enhance flavors in many dishes; the "pizza herb" so essential for all Mediterranean cooking. Perennial $3.79 Exclusive - Special aromatic oregano from a traditional Italian grower. Hardy perennial forms cascading mounds of zesty little leaves with purple blossoms. An ornamental & tasty kitchen garden essential. $2.79 Oregano, True Greek The robust, intense zesty flavor we all crave for authentic Mediterranean cooking. Aromatic little leaves cascade on low growing, easy-care plants. $2.79



  Parsley, Organic "Triple Curled"
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 Parsley, "Gigante Italian"  Biennial
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Parsley, Organic "Italian Large Leaf"
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Ornamental heirloom plants with sprays of bright green, densely curled leaves on strong stems held well above the ground. Great in salads & as a nutritious flavor accent. $3.79 Parsley,Gigante Italian Imported heirloom with very large, glossy flat leaves and exceptionally sweet, mellow flavor. Wonderful for salads and in just about everything you cook. $2.79 All-purpose heirloom to harvest liberally for its glossy, deep green leaves & sweet full flavor. Use these tasty, nutritious leaves everyday both in salads & to enhance every day cooking. $2.79




Parsley, "Sweet Curly"  Biennial
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Parsley,Sweet Curly Exclusive - Handsome plumes of beautifully green, double-curled leaves from our best French supplier. This vigorous grower is especially sweet and nutty tasting without harsh metallic overtones. $2.79    







Poppy, "Heirloom Pepperbox"
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 Poppy,  Heirloom, "Hungarian Breadseed" 
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Poppy,Heirloom Pepperbox

These heirlooms offer glorious flowers, then decorative pods and nutty-tasting seeds all from the same ornamental plants. Gray-green foliage; nodding, papery-textured blossoms in rich purple, deep red and pale lilac pink. $2.99 Poppy,Heirloom,Hungarian Breadseed Exclusive - Eye-catching Eastern European heirloom with luminous flowers followed by urn-shaped decorative pods filled with tasty, blue-black seeds. $2.99    

Poppy,Heirloom Pepperbox

Poppy,Heirloom Pepperbox


Rosemary, "French Culinary"  Perennial
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Sage, "Italian Aromatic"
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  Sage, Organic "Culinary"  Perennial
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Exclusive - The strong but subtle piney-mint flavor of Rosemary is a classic culinary seasoning.  Aromatic shrub with needle-like gray-green leaves. Good strain to grow from seed. $2.99 Sage,Italian Aromatic Our find from Italy! This improved culinary selection has highly aromatic leaves and along soft purple spikes of bloom. Invites hummingbirds. 2.79 Handsome heirloom plants with pretty, soft, blue-green leaves and flowers that butterflies love to visit. Traditional herb for holiday cooking and great with winter squash and pork dishes. $3.79




Spearmint, "Heirloom Italian"  Perennial

Strawberry, Alpine, "Mignonette"  Perennial
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Strawberry, Alpine, "Pineapple"  Perennial  NEW FOR 2014
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Exclusive - Our true spearmint, an old Italian selection, has highly scented, bright green, serrated leaves whose delicious sweet minty perfume accents, but doesn't overpower. The best tasting sweet mint from seed. $2.79

Strawberry, Alpine, Mignonette

Exclusive - French delicacy. This improved variety of easy to grow, compact perennial Alpine strawberry plants with dainty leaves produces sweet pointed fruits to savor all summer. $2.99 Exclusive - Plump 1-inch pointed pastel yellow berries with the delectable flavor and aroma of pineapples and roses. Mounding perennial plants are rugged, easy to grow and don’t set runners. Produces first year. $2.99

Not Available this season
due to crop failure


Thyme, "Creeping" Perennial
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Thyme, Organic "English" Perennial
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Thyme, "French Culinary"  Perennial
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Thyme,Creeping Showy, dark-green petite rounded leaves form a 3 inch tall, scented carpet with bright pink flowers. Wonderful aromatic sweet thyme fragrance. Great to fill in bare areas or pavers. $2.79

Easy to grow heirloom garden staple with mounds of cascading tiny aromatic leaves. A basic herb for all Mediterranean cuisines with a wide range of uses in the kitchen. $3.79


Intensely aromatic, the tiny gray-green leaves of true French thyme are indispensable in todays kitchen garden. Sturdy, disease-free, beginners herb. $2.79


Watercress, "English"
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Watercress,English Classic, peppery-tasting leaves to accent salads, eggs and sandwiches. Strong germinating, high-vitality seed. $2.79


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