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Cat Treats, Gourmet, "Mixed Greens"
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Cat Grass Mix,  Organic "Kitty Queen's"
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Catmint, "Landscaping Ornamental"
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Cat Treats, Gourmet,Mixed Greens

Our fancy blend of nutritious rye, barley, oats and wheat grasses is tender, sweet and sure to be enjoyed by cats and cat owners. Succession sow in containers for continual munching.  $2.79

Cat Grass Mix,Organic, Kitty Queen's

Treat your kitty to our perfect blend of fast and easy to grow vitamin-rich grasses, equal parts: |rye, oats, barley, wheat. Cats (and pet rabbits & birds) naturally crave & enjoy these snacks. Perfect in pots.  $3.79

Catmint,Landscaping Ornamental

This lacy landscape herb has mounds of aromatic gray-green leaves covered with a haze of shimmering lavender-blue flower spikes.  Pleases cats and makes a beautiful spreading groundcover. Perennial $2.79



Celery, "Amsterdam Seasoning"
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Chamomile, "Bodegold"
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Chervil, "Fancy French"
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Celery,Amsterdam Seasoning

A Continental favorite resembling Italian parsley. Grown for its sprays of glossy green, intensely celery-flavored leaves; it does not form thick stalks. Adds a rich, mellow undercurrent to cooked dishes. $3.19


Especially uniform, early-blooming German variety with superior pineapple-scented blossoms. Easy to harvest and air-dry for a well-loved soothing herbal tea. $2.79

Chervil,Fancy French

- Finely cut, feathery leaves with a delicate flavor reminiscent of tarragon. Delicious in salads or to finish sauces and soups. $2.99


Chives, "Fine Leaf" Perennial
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Chives, "Garlic" Perennial
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Chives, Organic "Culinary" Perennial
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Chives, Fine Leaf

Tender and succulent imported Fine Leaf Chives keep their slender shape and dont get coarse with age. Edible lilac pink blossoms have a mild, sweet flavor. Perennial $2.79


Slim, 9 to 12 inch, strappy leaves with a delicious mild garlicky flavor married with the sweet onion accent of chives. Hardy, mounding plants sport edible white blossoms in early summer.  Perennial $2.79

chives, organic, Culinary

Easy to grow heirloom. Mounding strappy leaves with mild onion flavor that adds pizzazz to green salads & complements vegetables & eggs. Pretty lilac blossoms attract butterflies.  Perennial  $3.79

Cilantro, Organic
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Cilantro, "Slow-bolt"
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Cilantro, Vietnamese, "Bac Lieu"
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cilantro, organic, culinary

Quick growing heirloom whose spicy-sharp flavored lacy leaves are a real flavor booster at the table; a critical ingredient in salsas. Sow often for continual harvests. Blossoms attract pollinators. $3.79 Cilantro, Slow-bolt

Deliciously spicy, pungent, bright green leaves essential for Mexican and Asian dishes. Our slow-bolt strain holds better than any other at the leaf stage. $2.79

cilantro, Bac Lieu

Exclusive. The flavor of fast-growing Bac Lieu Vietnamese Cilantro is like a mild, delicate cilantro with an extra citrus twist. Plants resemble regular cilantro but the foliage is topped with finely cut, frilly leaves. $3.19

Dill, Organic "Leafy Diana"
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 Dill, "Dukat"
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Dill, Organic,Leafy Diana

Heirloom dill's feathery blue-green leaves have a fine aromatic scent that is delicious in green salads, eggs & with potatoes or rice. Blossoms bring butterflies to the garden.   $3.79 Dill, Dukat

Especially sweet-tasting, imported Danish dill for finely cut blue green leaves that hold for fresh use longer than other varieties. Also good for pickling. $2.79


Fennel, "Smokey Bronze"
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Hibiscus, Herbal Tea "Zinger"
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Fennel,Smokey Bronze

Lovely tall fronds of copper-bronze, ferny foliage. Highly ornamental, with great tasting leaves and seeds used as tea. Plants are attractive to butterflies and pollinators. $2.99  Hibiscus, Herbal Tea,Zinger

Once its pretty blossoms are spent, just pick and air dry the teardrop-shaped flower calyxes for delicious ruby- colored tea with a floral, berry aroma and well balanced, cranberry-like flavor. $3.19


Lavender, Container, "French Perfume" Perennial
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Lavender, "White Ice" Perennial
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Lavender, Multifida, "Fernleaf" Perennial
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lavender, French Perfume

Exclusive - New, award-winning container lavender is low growing, intensely fragrant, and hardy. Produces lovely, uniform, softly vase-shaped plants 12 inches tall. Blooms first year from seed. $3.19

Lavender,White Ice

Exclusive - Hardy, compact, softly vase-shaped plants that grow reliably and flower the first season from seed. Abundant fragrant white flower bracts have especially sweet, clear lavender scent. Award-winning Dutch breeding.  $3.19

Lavender, Multifida,Fernleaf

Exclusive - Deeply lobed, fern-like silvery foliage with blue-violet trident-form flowers. Easily grown from seed, this first year flowering perennial blooms all summer and attracts butterflies. $2.99


Lavender, "Hidcote" Perennial
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Lavender, "English Munstead" Perennial
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 Lavender, "Spanish" Perennial
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Easily grown from seed, with deep purple, richly scented velvety flower spikes and narrow silvery foliage, in the best English tradition. Good butterfly plants.  $2.79

Lavender, English Munstead

Exclusive - true lavendula vera, named for the estate of Gertrude Jekyll, famous British garden designer. The graceful lavender-blue flower spikes have an especially sweet fragrance.   $2.79

Lavender, Spanish

Exclusive - Silver-grey, drought tolerant foliage is covered with a multitude of plum oblong flower bracts topped with bright lavender petals. These tough plants take unrelenting heat and sun.   $2.99


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