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Arugula, "Italian"
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Arugula, "Runway"
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Arugula, "Rustic"
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Luscious tangy leaves with a nutty zip are easy to grow, carefree and absolutely essential for today's salads. $2.79


This outstanding arugula selection is distinguished by  attractive, deeply lobed, oakleaf-shaped leaves. In our garden trials, Runway tastes deliciously tangy. $2.79


Imported from Italy, very finely cut, deeply indented green leaves and edible blossoms. Holds much longer than regular arugula, with same tangy flavor. Perennial in mild climates. $2.79

Arugula, "Rustic Style"
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Arugula, Organic "True Italian"
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Arugula, "Wasabi"
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Italian heirloom forms rosettes of deeply indented leaves with a piquant, tangy flavor. Great in salads, pizza or pasta. Lasts longer than common arugula. Pretty edible yellow blossoms.  $3.79

Easy and fast growing salad plant whose fresh peppery leaves adds real zip and tangy flavor that shines in salads and sandwiches. Pretty edible blossoms attract pollinators.  $3.79

Exclusive. Brand-new unique wild arugula leaves have an incredibly delicious and spicy flavor exactly like freshly made wasabi paste. Easy to grow with pretty edible flowers. More weather tolerant than other arugulas.  $2.99






Basil, Container, "Italian Cameo"
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Basil, Container, Organic "Spicy Globe"
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Basil, Organic "Italian Genovese"
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Basil, Container,Italian Cameo

Exclusive - From our best Italian breeder. Easy growing and deliciously fragrant, Cameo has closely packed, luscious big leaves and a compact 6- 8 inch habit. Perfect for containers, window boxes or edging garden beds.  $2.99

Heirloom variety with deliciously aromatic little leaves, perfect for containers & window boxes, or edging a flower border. Plants form neat 6-9 inch umbrella-shaped leafy canopies. $3.79 Authentic Italian heirloom variety for perfect pesto, tomato dishes & pasta and more. Produces abundant, intensely fragrant, richly flavored glossy- green leaves on branching, productive plants.  $3.79

Basil, Container,Italian Cameo

Basil, Container,Italian Cameo

Basil, Container,Italian Cameo

Basil, "Italian Pesto"
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Basil, Mini "Windowbox"
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Basil, "Mrs. Burns' Lemon"
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Basil, Italian Pesto Exclusive - Our imported dark green basil has especially glossy dark green leaves and full-bodied zesty flavor for really authentic Italian pesto sauce. $2.79 Basil, Mini,Windowbox Truly a bonsai basil with compact, neat 6 to 8 inch, umbrella-shaped plants and little 1/2 inch leaves bursting with flavor and fragrance.$2.79

Basil,Mrs. Burns' Lemon

The very best lemon basil with strong growing plants, lush leaves and the sweetest lemony flavor bouquet. Gives everyday cooking a special lift. $2.79

Basil, Mrs. Burns' Lemon

Basil, "Profuma di Genova"
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Basil, Thai, "Queenette"
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Basil, "Salad Leaf"
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Basil,Profuma di Genova Exclusive - Our fine Italian import is bred for pure bright basil flavor without minty/clove overtones, a compact shape and excellent disease resistance. European greengrocers' choice. $2.79  Basil, Thai, Queenette Exclusive - Imported directly from Thailand.  Tropical- looking ornamental basil with dense 1-1/2 inch leaves around purple stems. Aromatic, mild sweet spices with clove/mint basil flavor. $2.79

Basil,Salad Leaf

Our imported lettuce leaf strain with huge crinkly 4 inch leaves. Perfect to add delicious flavor anywhere you crave a mild, buttery basil accent. $2.79

Basil, Profuma di Genova

Basil, "Scented Trio"
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Basil, "Sweet Green"
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Basil, Organic "Purple Opal"  NEW FOR 2014
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Basil,Scented Trio Exclusive - Our richly aromatic mix of perfumed Cinnamon basil, citrus-scented Mrs. Burn's Lemon basil and garnet-colored Red Rubin basil.  This trio of beautiful herbs adds color and scent to beds and borders. $2.99  Basil, Sweet Green Carefully selected, vigorous, aromatic green basil strain with rich spicy-sweet flavor that blends well with all other herbs and enhances everyday cooking. $2.79 Excellent heirloom strain with beautiful garnet-purple leaves and pink flowers. Equally at home in vegetable, herb or ornamental flower beds and borders. A fragrant and striking addition for bouquets. $3.79


Borage, Blue
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Borage, Blue This easy to grow flowering herb has clusters of little sky-blue starry blossoms and fuzzy silvery-green heaves. Pollinators love Borage. The dainty blossoms make pretty edible garnishes and decorations. $2.79

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