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Thunbergia, "Black-eyed Susan Vine"  
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Tithonia, "Torch"
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Wallflower, "Scented Gold" 
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Thunbergia, Black-eyed Susan Vine Old-fashioned climbing vine with enticing bright orange flowers that peep out from heart-shaped leaves. Perfect to twine up a short trellis or enjoy in hanging baskets or windowboxes. $2.79 Tithonia, Torch Tall dramatic plants with velvety foliage and spectacular red-orange flowers that are beacons to butterflies all summer long. $2.79 Wallflower, Scented Gold Exclusive - From England, the most sweetly scented wallflowers ever. Very early and free blooming, compact 9-12 inch tall plants with butter-yellow flower clusters whose sweet baby powder fragrance wafts in the air. $2.79





 Grow Colorful Zinnias

 Renee introduces the many forms of beautiful zinnias
you can grow from seed in your garden, attracting butterflies
and providing summer long bouquets.

Zinnia, "Apricot Blush"
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Zinnia, "Berry Basket"
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Zinnia, "Bling Bling" 
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Zinnia, Apricot Blush Exclusive - Gorgeous florist- quality cutting zinnias with long-stemmed double flowers shading of apricot- rose through salmon- blush. Especially beautiful in bouquets and so romantic in the garden. $2.79 Zinnia, Berry Basket Exclusive-Our luscious blend of densely petalled, fully double flowers in raspberry, grape, rose-pink and violet. Superb garden performance in tough summer conditions. Multi-branched, 3-1/2 foot plants yield armfuls of long-stemmed blooms. $2.79

Exclusive - Multi-branching double blossoms in rich orange, intense sunny yellow, and sultry violet/purple. Our blend of big double zinnias in these fabulous, sexy, fun colors naturally makes its own bouquet. $2.99

Zinnia, "Blue Point"
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Zinnia, "Cha Cha Cha"
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Zinnia, "Cool Crayon Colors"
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Zinnia, Blue Point Premier florist quality dahlia-form zinnia in radiant colors. Armloads of long stemmed cutflowers on vigorous tall plants that withstand summer conditions. $2.79 Exclusive. Double blossoms on 2 ft. stems in festive bright hues of deep red, gold, cerise, orange, yellow & rose form instant bouquets. Free flowering in containers or borders. Easy- care butterfly magnets.
Zinnia, Cool Crayon Colors

Exclusive - Custom blend of florist-quality cutting zinnias in shades that make bouquets as you pick. Fully double, long-stemmed flowers in deep lavender, carmine-rose, soft pink, and white. $2.79

Zinnia, "Cut and Come Again" 
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Zinnia, "Decor"
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Zinnia, "Granny's Bouquet" 
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Zinnia, Cut and Come Again

Beloved, free-flowering, heirloom cutting zinnia in a wonderful range of candy-bright colors to enjoy both indoors and out all summer. $2.79

Zinnia, Decor Exclusive-Our striking duet combines lively apricot and vivid chartreuse florist-quality zinnias in a perfect color combo for eye-catching bouquets that arrange themselves. Long-stemmed, double blossoms on sturdy 3-1/2 foot plants. $2.79 Zinnia, Granny's Bouquet

Exclusive - Our nostalgic mix of hard-to-find varieties in radiant shades; antique splashed Carousel, needle-nosed Cactus, chartreuse ruffled Envy, and starry crested California Giant. $2.79


Zinnia, "Green Envy"
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Zinnia, "Hot Crayon Colors"  
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Zinnia, "Little Lion"
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Zinnia, Green Envy The unusual chartreuse color of this semi-double zinnia sets off the brighter shades of summer bouquets and belongs in all "flower arrangers" gardens. Top quality seed is bred for form and color. $2.79 Zinnia, Hot Crayon Colors Exclusive - Custom blend of scarlet red, golden yellow and citrus orange for sizzling bouquets of gorgeous florist-quality zinnias and bright borders. Outstanding garden performance. $2.79

Carefree, lively Little Lion offers intense orange-red, double 4-5 inch blossoms with multiple layers of petals that remind us of a lion's mane. Butterflies seek out the big vibrant blossoms. $2.79


Zinnia, "Persian Carpet" 
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Zinnia, "Pixie Sunshine"
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Zinnia, "Polar Bear"
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Zinnia, Persian Carpet Old-fashioned, disease resistant small flowering zinnia with rounded starry blooms in a mosaic of warm colors with contrasting petal tips and centers. $2.79 Zinnia, Pixie Sunshine Exclusive- Easy care, long blooming, 8-10 inch tall container zinnias in coordinated shades of buttery yellow, citrus orange and white. Pots of these double 2-3 inch blossoms delight butterflies. $2.79 Zinnia, Polar Bear

Pure white, old-fashioned "dahlia-flowering" fully double zinnias borne on long-stemmed, branching plants. Excellent cutting flowers for bouquets and fabulous color in the garden. $2.79

Zinnia, "Raggedy Ann"
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Zinnia, "Raspberry Sorbet"
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Zinnia, "Cabaret"  NEW FOR 2014
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Zinnia, Raggedy Ann Exclusive - Custom mixed, coordinated colors for exuberant bouquets of these quirky, charming old-fashioned flowers with curved and twisted narrow petals. A truly radiant color mix! $2.79 Exquisite, richly raspberry-tinted fully double blossoms borne on branching plants. Easy to grow, free flowering and beautiful for both borders and richly colored bouquets. Butterflies adore them. $2.99

Exclusive - Extravagant ruffled zinnias in fabulous “dance all night” hot colors that turn up the volume in sizzling shades of bright rose, rich purple, brilliant lilac, magenta, deep orange and warm yellow. $2.99

Zinnia, "Girl Scout 100th Anniversary Mix"
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Easy to grow 1-2 ft. plants whose colorful blossoms attract butterflies & make pretty bouquets. Packet celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles & we donate 25 % of sales to support Girl Scout activities each season. $2.79

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