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Sunflower, "Bright Bandolier"
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Sunflower, "Chocolate Cherry"
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Sunflower, "Cinnamon Sun"
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Sunflower, Bright Bandolier Exclusive - Our carefully balanced, ornamental mix of sunny yellow and warm burnished mahogany cultivars chosen especially for centerpiece bouquets. $2.99 Sunflower, Chocolate Cherry Exclusive - Delectable new sunflowers with mouthwatering rich chocolate-burgundy ray petals surrounding dark chocolate disks. Pollen-free flowers are stunning for indoor bouquets. $2.99 Sunflower, Cinnamon Sun Exclusive - Gorgeous pollen-free, branching variety with 5 to 6 inch flower faces with glowing cinnamon-bronze petals and chocolate centers. Beautiful in bouquets.  $2.79


Sunflower, Container, "Junior"
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Sunflower,  "Lemon Queen"
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Sunflower, "Moonshadow"
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Sunflower, Container, Junior Exclusive - The first pollen-free, dwarf branching sunflower, these long-lasting short sunflowers are perfect for large pots and planters. Their cheerful bright faces smile atop branching stalks just 2-1/2 feet tall. $2.79 Sunflower, Lemon Queen Help the Great Sunflower Project with research to understand the challenges that bees are facing by watching and recording the bees at these sunflowers. Lemon Queen is a lovely branching variety particularly attractive to bees. Click here for more info. $2.79  Sunflower, Moonshadow

Moonshadow shines in the garden with creamy, custard-colored petals and chocolate center disks. Multi-branching stalks with abundant clusters of 3-5 inch blossoms. $2.79

Sunflower, "Musicbox"
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Sunflower, "Bi-color "Royal Flush"
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Sunflower, Edible, "Snack Seed"
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Sunflower, Musicbox Award-winning, knee-high sunflowers with an abundance of exuberant 4 to 5 inch blossoms in sunny shades with lots of bicolors. Perfect for beds and borders. $2.79 Vibrant, early-blooming mix includes bicolors with mahogany petals that taper to golden tips and others with sunny yellow faces and gorgeous deep, dark-red flower faces. Makes great bouquets. $2.99 Sunflower, Edible, Snack Seed

Exclusive - Beautiful garden sunflowers with big flower faces and golden petals that mature into heavy heads of large, delicious, plump seed kernels. Tasty, nutritious eating or feed to delighted birds. $2.79


Sunflower, "Sun Samba"
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Sunflower, Giant Edible, "Sunzilla"
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Sunflower, Giant Heirloom, "Titan"
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Sunflower, Sun Samba Exclusive - Singles, semi-doubles and doubles in a myriad of colors dance on branching plants, perfect for cutting. Golden yellow, mahogany, lemon, bronze with gold ring and other bicolors. $2.79 Sunflower, Giant Edible, Sunzilla Exclusive - Easy to grow. Up to 16 foot tall, a big framed, strong giant with brilliant golden flowers whose seeds ripen into plump delicious kernels. Great for kids of all ages. $2.99 Sunflower, Giant Heirloom, Titan

This choice sunflower strain has been reselected and saved by generations for handsome, strong plants with beautiful golden flower faces that reach up 12-14 feet to follow the sun. $2.99

Sunflower, "Valentine"
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Sunflower, "Van Gogh"
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Sunflower, Valentine Florist-quality sunflowers with lemon sherbet colored petals perfectly arranged around dark chocolate centers. 5 foot branching plants bear a profusion of long-lasting 4 to 5 inch flowers.  $2.79 Sunflower, Van Gogh Exclusive - Our variety offers the classic colors of the famous Van Gogh sunflower portraits with yellow ray petals and golden disks surrounding green centers. Strong single stems. Early blooming & pollen- free. $2.99    



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