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Pansy, "Victorian Posy"
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Penstemon, "Garden Bells" 
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Phlox, Annual, "Dutch Tapestry"
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Pansy, Victorian Posy Exclusive - We import English seed for this charming antique pansy in rich deep shades whose velvety skirts of ruffled petals have intricate markings. An entrancing old-fashioned flower.  $2.79 Penstemon, Garden Bells Exclusive - Hummingbirds love these elegant perennials with tubular bell blossoms. Winner of the European Fleuroselect award for outstanding garden performance and unique first-year bloom. $2.99 Phlox, Annual, Dutch Tapestry

Unbeatable, heat tolerant, free blooming cultivar with multitudes of star shaped blossoms covering the 1 foot plants in beautiful colors with contrasting eyes. Meadowsweet perfume. $2.79

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Poppy, Carnation, "French Flounce" 
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Poppy, Shirley, "Angel's Choir" 
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Poppy, Single and Double, "Shirley" 
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Poppy, Carnation, French Flounce

Exclusive - Ooh la la! French imports with big densely petalled blossoms like a Can-Can dancer's full skirts. Enchanting spring garden heirloom in scarlet, salmon, pink, violet and white. $2.79 Poppy, Angel's Choir Silken poppies on nodding stems in lustrous, soft watercolors including cream, apricot, peach, coral, lavender, pink and picotees. Exquisite, shimmering colors. $2.99 Poppy, Single and Double, Shirley These romantic, old-fashioned poppies have silky-petalled blossoms in vivid shades and pastel hues that dance on graceful nodding stems. $2.79 

Poppy, Shirley, "Falling in Love"
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Poppy, Heirloom Shirley, "Legion of Honor" 
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Poppy, California, "Buttercream" 
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Poppy, Shirley, Falling in Love Satiny blossoms in entrancing Valentine shades to light up the spring garden. Includes singles and doubles in glowing crimson, rose-red, white rimmed rose and the occasional peach, many with picotee petals. $2.79   Poppy, Heirloom, Legion of Honor Exclusive - Classic crimson poppies beloved by European for generations. The brilliant 3 to 4 inch silky flowers sway gracefully on nodding stems 1 to 2 feet above finely cut foliage. Re-sows easily and generously.  $2.79  Poppy, California, Buttercream This unusual California poppy has silky-soft, buttercream colored blossoms. Easy to grow, the abundant paper-thin blossoms shine for weeks above mounded plants with feathery gray-green foliage. $2.79

Poppy, California, "Copper Pot" 
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Poppy, California, "Dusky Rose"
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Poppy, California,  "Native Orange"
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Luminous CA poppies in radiant coppery-red shades, especially dazzling when lit by the sun. Satiny blossoms shine like beacons above feathery, gray-green foliage. Glowing colors are real showstoppers. $2.79 Poppy, California, Dusky Rose Exclusive - Silky, rose-tinted blossoms that glow with iridescent color. The abundant, paper-thin flowers float on slender stems above mounding plants with feathery grey-green foliage. Easy to grow and forgiving of poor soil.  $2.79 Poppy, California, Native Orange California poppies fluted form and silky, golden-orange exuberant flowers celebrate spring. A perfect choice for hot and dry areas, they grow easily without fuss all over the country. $2.79



Poppy, California, "Tropical Sunset"
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Poppy, California,"Tequila Sunrise" 
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Poppy, "Mexican Tulip"
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Poppy, California, Tropical Sunset Exclusive - Custom mix of carefree, long-blooming, silky California poppies in glowing sunset colors: rich deep red, carmine-rose, vanilla, ruffled flame and tangerine bicolors. $2.79 Poppy, California, Tequila Sunrise Exclusive - Our special duet of the prettiest new poppy colors; a gorgeous mandarin-red splashed with gold and warm soft cream. Blossoms dance above mounding gray-green foliage. $2.79 Poppy, Mexican Tulip

Bushy 1-1/2 foot tall plants with finely cut foliage and satin-textured flowers shaped just like sunny yellow tulips. Lovely long-blooming striking accents in beds and borders. $2.99

Poppy, "Lauren's Dark Grape"
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Culinary Poppies 
Hungarian Breadseed Poppies
and Heirloom Pepperbox Poppies are located in Herbs.

California Poppies,
"Dancing Ballerinas" NEW FOR 2016
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poppy, Lauren's Dark Grape

Stunning heirloom with huge chalice-shaped 4 to 5 inch satiny blossoms that absolutely glow in deep, port wine shades atop big, lettuce-like, blue-gray leaves. These showstoppers grow 3 to 5 feet tall. $2.99

culinary poppy, heirloom, Pepperboxculinary poppy, heirloom, Breadseed

Enchanting special mix of double & semi-double California poppies whose satiny, fluted blossoms glow above feathery foliage in a wonderful shimmering range of rich sherbet colors and bi-colors. $2.99


Portulaca / Moss Rose, "Pastel Sundial"
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Portulaca, Moss Rose, Pastel Sundial

Exclusive - Our blend of chiffon pink, peach, sunny yellow and ivory. Perfect for hot, sunny locations; best drought tolerant annual. Our Sundial offers larger, earlier, fully double flowers. $2.99

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