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Nasturtium, "Buttercream" 
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Nasturtium, "Cup of Sun" 
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Nasturtium, "Cherries Jubilee"
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Tropical looking variety with semi-double, open-faced creamy pastel blossoms. Plants softly mounding habit drapes gracefully to fill garden beds or borders; especially lush in containers. $2.79 Masses of flowers in sunshine colors: bright lemon-yellow, gold touched with toasty orange and a pastel yellow that fades to soft cream. The cheerful blossoms shine above blue-green foliage. $2.79 Nasturtium, Cherries Jubilee Exclusive - Top setting blossoms are soft swirled lipstick colors that shade from light to deep rosy -red to float in profusion above mounding blue-green foliage. $2.99

Nasturtium, "Amazon Jewel"
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Nasturtium, Climbing, "Spitfire" 
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Nasturtium, "Alaska Mix"
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Nasturtium, Amazon Jewel Exclusive - Gorgeous variegated green and cream waterlily-shaped leaves highlight the vivid spurred blossoms of this brilliant vining nasturtium. A riot of rich colors. $2.79 Nasturtium, Climbing, Spitfire Exclusive - Brilliant, scarlet-orange blossoms shine out amongst trailing green foliage, attracting hovering hummingbirds. Train up short trellises or tripods for a cascade of bright blossoms. $2.79 Nasturtium, Alaska Mix

Charming variegated nasturtium with cream and green striped lily pad leaves. The mounding, compact foliage is covered with spurred flowers in an assortment of bright colors. $2.79

Nasturtium, Climbing, "Moonlight"
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Nasturtium, "Copper Sunset"
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Nasturtium, "Empress of India"
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Nasturtium, Moonlight Unusual climbers with charming soft primrose yellow flowers grow easily to cover a trellis, fence or summer arbor. $2.79 Nasturtium, Copper Sunset Exclusive - Luxuriant mounding plants with semi-double blossoms in a coppery flame red shade like the glowing embers of a vivid summer sunset. Invites hummingbirds. $2.79 Nasturtium, Empress of India

Victorian heirloom with unique deep blue-green foliage and long-spurred vermilion blossoms that attract hummingbirds. $2.79


Nasturtium, "Vanilla Berry"
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Nasturtium, "Creamsicle"
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Nasturtium, "Whirlybird"
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Nasturtium, Vanilla Berry Lovely mounding plants with deep blue-green leaves and top-setting blossoms in soft vanilla with strawberry etched throats. Improved selection of Peach Melba. Invites hummingbirds. $2.99 Nasturtium, Creamsicle Exclusive - Free flowering, top-setting blossoms in soft swirled colors of orange sherbet and vanilla float above mounding green foliage to create a lovely effect. $2.79 Nasturtium, Whirlybird Upward facing, semi-double blossoms in a showy range of seven warm shades. Free-blooming spicy-sweet flowers. $2.79


Nasturtium, "Aloha Mix"  NEW FOR 2014
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Exclusive - Custom mix in soft tropical shades includes apricot, cream, soft yellow and rose. Pretty blossoms atop lily pad-shaped leaves are a lovely garden tapestry. Grows readily in pots or garden beds. $2.99        


Nicotiana, "Jasmine Alata"
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Nicotiana, Jasmine Alata Tall, broad leaved heirloom with graceful sprays of white tubular blossoms and sultry, jasmine perfume. Widely adapted and weather tolerant. $2.79


Nigella, White, "Bridal Veil"
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Nigella, Love in a Mist, "Mulberry Rose"
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Nigella,  Love in a Mist, "Persian Violet"
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Nigella, White, Bridal Veil Exclusive - This hard to find nigella has multifaceted white petals and striking black centers. Pretty bouquets flowers followed by decorative spidery seedpods to air dry for everlastings. $2.99 Nigella, Love in a Mist, Mulberry Rose Exclusive - Lacy, multi-petalled blossoms open pink, deepen to enchanting deep rose. Once petal drop, blossoms transform into little fairy lanterns. Effortless easy grower. $2.79

Dainty, multi-faceted blossoms open white with sky-blue edging, then deepen to rich indigo-violet above ferny green foliage. Followed by striped fairy lantern seedpods. $2.79

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