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Larkspur, Imperial, "Alouette"
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Larkspur, "Parisian Pink"
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Larkspur, "Earl Grey"
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Larkspur, Imperial Alouette

Exclusive - Our French supplier's premium selection for tall, elegant but informal spires in vibrant shades of iridescent purple, salmon, pink, lavender, lilac and white. Beautiful for bouquets.  $2.79

Larkspur,Parisian Pink

Exclusive - Florist-quality Larkspur from our favorite French supplier. Branching 3 to 5 ft. tall spires packed with roseink double blossoms with just a hint of salmon. $2.99


Exclusive - A beautiful new shade of this old-fashioned favorite, Earl Grey has 3 to 4 foot flower stalks filled with showy blossoms in a pastel shade of silver-mauve. Wonderful in the garden or fresh cut bouquets.  $2.99

Larkspur, "Singing the Blues" 
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Larkspur Singing the Blues Exclusive - Our premium mix features tall flowers with double blossoms in royal blue, violet, blushed blue and soft white. Early blooming for casual bouquets that arrange themselves in the vase. $2.99    


Lobelia, Windowbox, "Blue Heaven" 
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Exclusive. Our charming and weather resistant new trailing Lobelia offers masses of dainty cerulean blue blossoms that cascade in an enchanting shower of bloom in hanging baskets and pots. Blooms non-stop. $2.99



Marigold, "Signet Starfire"
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Marigold, "Summer Splash" 
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Marigold Signet Starfire

Softly mounding plants literally covered with dainty, single blossoms all summer in a charming tricolor mix of gold, paprika and orange. Wonderfully easy and reliable. $2.79

Marigold Summer Splash

Exclusive - This flower powerhouse offers crisp blue-green foliage literally covered with sunny yellow, cheerful blossoms. These plants bloom nonstop and are more heat, rain tolerant than any marigold we've seen. $2.79


Monarda, "Bergamo Bouquet"
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Moonflower Vine
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Monarda,Bergamo Bouquet

Outstanding new carefree annual Monarda with intense, 2 foot tall rose- purple flower spikes perfect for long-lasting bouquets. Flowers earlier, blooms longer and more profusely than any Monarda variety. $3.19


Romantic, evening blooming climber with luminous, iridescent white trumpet blossoms that unfurl at evening to release their haunting perfume. Heat lover. $2.79





Morning Glory, Bush, "Blue Ensign"
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Morning Glory, "Scarlett O'Hara"
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Morning Glory, "Early Call"
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 Morning Glory, Blue Ensign

Mounding plants with free-blooming, top-setting flowers that sport clear nautical blue trumpets with gold and white painted throats. Easy-growing, reliable season-long bloom. $2.99

Morning Glory, Scarlett O'Hara

This treasured heirloom is a vigorous midsummer climber and has scarlet trumpets blossoms with dainty white throats that lure hungry hummingbirds. $2.79

Morning Glory, Early Call

Huge 4 inch fluted trumpets in opalescent shades of clear washed rose, pale pink and softest lavender, many edged in dainty white. Invites hummingbirds. $2.79


Morning Glory, "Glacier Star"
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Morning Glory, "Grandpa Ott's"
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Morning Glory, "Mailbox Mix"
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Morning Glory,Glacier Star

- Free-flowering reselected heirloom cultivar with heart-shaped leaves and dazzling, translucent baby-blue blossoms overlaid with cerulean blue throats. $2.79

Morning Glory, Grandpa Ott's

Heirloom vines form a quick growing canopy of heart shaped leaves with an abundance of velvety, intensely purple flowers  accented with a wine-red star. $2.79

Morning Glory, Mailbox Mix

Exclusive - Heritage blend of rich blue and glowing pearly white blossoms. Traditionally, these climbers with heart shaped leaves adorned fences or mailboxes. Grow beautiful living history!  $2.79


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