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Daisy, Fragrant, "Chocolate"  NEW FOR 2014
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Dahlia, Dwarf, "Watercolor Silks"
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Dianthus,  "Lace Perfume"  NEW FOR 2014
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This cheerful, deer resistant native wildflower has a tantalizing chocolate scent that perfumes the sunshine with a continuous show of deliciously fragrant butter-yellow little blossoms season long. $2.99 Exclusive -Lovely short dahlias with fully double, silky flowers. Beautiful petal patterns in luminous rose -coral, apricot, soft salmon, buttercream and lilac. Perfect in pots or borders. $2.79 Exclusive - New, highly fragrant hybrid with dainty laced and fringed blossoms that look like softly colored snowflakes. Heady, spicy/sweet clove-like perfume. Sturdy plants grow 12 to18 inches tall. $2.99



Delphinium, Spray, "Blue Mirror" Perennial 
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Echinacea Purpurea, "Starlight"  Perennial
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Echinacea, Butterfly, "Paradise Mix" Perennial  NEW FOR 2014
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Delphinium, Spray,Blue Mirror Exclusive - Compact 2 foot lacy plants whose foliage is literally covered in sprays of intensely ultra marine-blue little trumpet-shaped florets. Hummingbirds adore Blue Mirror's nectar and visit often.  $2.99 Echinacea Purpurea,Starlight Striking German selection of this long-lasting perennial. Flowers have a skirt of vibrant carmine-rose petals around burnt-orange centers. Used therapeutically to ward off colds and flu. $2.79 Exclusive -Complete range of the newest forms & colors of this long-lived perennial. Harmonious blend of rosy-purple, apricot, yellow, orange, cream. Butterfly beacons that return to enchant every season. $2.99


Mina Lobata, "Exotic Love Vine"
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Feverfew, "White Wonder"
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Forget-Me-Nots, "Azure Bluebird"
More Info & Photos

Mina Lobata,Exotic Love Vine A rare and vigorous vine with distinctive fleur-de-lis shaped leaves and graceful sprays of entrancing blossoms bicolored in warm coral to creamy yellow. $2.79 Feverfew White Wonder Easy to grow, snow-white semi-double blossom clusters on vigorous plants that bloom all summer. Good medicinal quality and lovely long-blooming bouquet filler or everlasting flower. $2.79 Forget-Me-Nots,Azure Delicate-looking but actually easy to grow, the vibrant sky blue of these profuse spring bloomers is truly unforgettable. Gardeners have a soft spot for this nostalgic flower. $2.79


Four O'Clocks, "Teatime" 
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Four O'Clocks, "Broken Colors"
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Four O'Clocks,Teatime Easily grown, multi-branching plants with starry 2 inch flowers in vivid colors that open fresh every afternoon, releasing a delicious light perfume. $2.79 Four O'Clocks,Broken Colors

A special variety whose starry 2 inch blossoms are beautifully splashed with showy contrasting colors. Their delicious jasmine fragrance floats on summer breezes. Easy to grow and reliable. $2.79


Foxglove, "Apricot Faerie Queen"
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Grass, Container, "Spiky Blue"
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Heliotrope, "Marine"
More Info & Photos

Foxglove,Apricot Faerie Queen Exclusive - elegant cottage garden favorites for light shade. The tall graceful spires are draped with elongated bells in a new creamy soft apricot shade with delicately speckled throats. Biennial  $2.79 Grass,Container,Spiky Blue
Exclusive - Each clump of seedlings forms a graceful, compact, 8 to 10 inch tall,  mound of fine textured, silvery blue-green grassy foliage. Great in pots or for edging borders. Perennial $2.99 Heliotrope,Marine Old fashioned Victorian favorite with dark blue-green leaves and velvety purple flowers. Compelling, sensuous fragrance. Eye-catching container plants. Biennial  $2.79


Hollyhock, "Black Watchman"
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Hollyhock, "Indian Spring"
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Hollyhock, "Apricot Peach Parfait" Biennial
More Info & Photos

Hollyhock,Black Watchman The satiny, hibiscus-like blossoms are a deep maroon that shade to pure black. Flowers unfurl on tall stalks for a striking garden display. This is a re-selected heirloom variety. Biennial  $2.79

Hollyhock,Indian Spring

Single and semi-double hibiscus-like blossoms on graceful tall stalks offer that sought-after nostalgic cottage garden charm. Classic hollyhock colors in dark rose, salmon, pink and white. Biennial  $2.79

Hollyhock,Apricoteach Parfait

Exclusive - Beautiful new double hollyhocks in luscious colors. Sturdy tall 5 to 7 foot stalks are packed with powder puff blossoms that unfurl in delicious shades of apricot and rosy peach. $2.79



Hyacinth Bean Vine, Purple
More Info & Photos


Hyacinth Bean Vine Purple

Exotic looking ornamental climber with gorgeous sprays of amethyst blossoms followed by glossy deep purple pods. Show stopping on fence or trellis! $2.79    

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